Luxury Sailing Vacations Tips for Couples

If the idea of sailing has always appealed to you, imagine how spectacular a trip as a couple could be. Whether its island hopping in Greece, swimming in the Carribean or sipping cocktails during sunsets, yachting is an incredible experience to share with someone you love.

Booking a trip that combines sailing and a stay at a beach club (like the ones found at in Greece) can make your sailing trip more worthwhile.

As magical as a couple’s trip can be, sometimes life gets in the way. Being unprepared for a vacation can leave you two feeling a little stressed out. Below are some tips you can use to keep the nitty-gritty things under control. That way, you’ll have more time to enjoy sailing at a gorgeous destination together.

What to Expect

Taking a tour of the waters by sailing is one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences you could have. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes down to luxury sailing vacations across the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines.

Nowadays you don’t need any experience to sail across the open ocean. By booking a luxury yachting trip, all the sailing is taken care of for you. Enjoy soaking up the sun and snorkelling in secluded coves together, while skippers navigate around the waters.

Expect your vacation to be filled with catered meals, particularly tasty seafood dishes and water activities where you can explore the different marine lives. There’s also the opportunity to discover new locations each day.

Tips For the Perfect Couples Sailing Trip

When deciding on a sailing vacation, you first need to consider what type of sailing holiday you’re looking for. Are you two looking forward to exploring new islands, or are you more excited to be out sailing for long periods?

Once you’ve decided on your sailing trip, keep these simple tips in mind for a carefree holiday.

Organize Your Visas Well in Advance

There’s nothing worse than stressing about what documentation you’re supposed to have, and whether or not you even need a visa. Leave plenty of time to get all this sorted, this way you’ve got enough time to destress before setting sail.

Visa requirements differ from each country, and depending on your citizenship, you may not even need a visa. Just ensure that your partner’s citizenship is also okay.

Consider a Privately Rented Yacht

Many guests have the option of renting the yacht privately, even if it’s just for two people.

While it can be more expensive, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime for couples. Together, you get to enjoy the sunsets, champagne, and the entire yacht all in your own privacy.

If you choose a private charter, you and your partner have more freedom when it comes to selecting your travel routes. If you’re looking at sailing to numerous islands to spend a day on the sandy shore, sails can always be flexible and customized to your desires.

Plan Activities That You Both Love Doing

During your trip, you’ll be stopping at many destinations. Before your holiday, do your research on each place and find restaurants or bars that you’re both interested in trying out.

Be open to trying things your partner is looking forward to. This could be partaking in water sports or even advancing your scuba diving knowledge by doing a course.

Set Some Cash Aside For Deposits

Before setting sail, you’ll be required to pay a security deposit. It’s unlikely that you’ll be damaging the yacht, but this is a requirement for luxury sailing trips.

Keep in mind that the security deposit isn’t included in the overall price of the trip, and of course, you’ll only be getting the deposit back after the trip.

Switch Off the Technology

Enjoy dates without the phone, and nights without the tv; it’s a simple way to spend more quality time together. Spend your afternoons reading together, swimming in the ocean and snorkelling together.

Holiday Destinations For A Couples Sailing Trip

Skippered yachts can follow their own routes, or can be sailed to destinations of your choice. Below are some of the best sailing destinations globally, with Greece being the top choice for a sailing vacation.

  1. Argolic Gulf in Greece: for endless days of sunshine.
  2. The Southern and Northern Ionian Waters in Greece: to visit famous Greek islands.
  3. St Barts in the Caribbean: offers tropical views & wildlife.
  4. Seychelles: the perfect place to enjoy clear, calm waters.
  5. The British Virgin Islands: To see the best of the Carribean.

Simple Packing Trips For a Sailing Holiday Together

When it comes to packing for a sailing trip, you probably know the basics. Sundresses, bathing suits and flip flops are the essentials. But what about the few things novice sailors wouldn’t think of bringing along?

Pack Light

Sail cabinets are pretty confined and you most likely won’t have much space to store your belongings. Opt for a soft material bag that can squeeze in those hard to fit places. Soft material bags are also easier to store when they’re empty.

Ideally, you should be bringing at max, one small suitcase each. But bring along a shared duffle bag filled with the items that you’ll both be making use of.

Pack Along Items That You Can Both Make Use Of

Unless you have specific requirements, there isn’t a need to bring along two of everything. Who needs two tubes of toothpaste for a sailing trip anyway? It’s easy to share your basic toiletries, medications (like motion sickness tablets) and convenience items.

Quick Drying Towels

Quick-drying towels are one of the most useful items on a sailing boat. They’re small enough to pack in your luggage, and can also protect some of your important items from water damage.

Most luxury sailboats have towels on board, but these quick-drying towels are perfect for afternoon dips or quick beach stopovers. Leave them hung up in your cabin or in the sun and they’ll be dry in no time.

Warm Clothing is Equally Important

Although sailing holidays happen in the summer season, being on a boat can get chilly at times. While you’re sailing the chill of the ocean breeze becomes apparent, and it’s a good idea to bring along a wind-breaking jacket, especially for the evening times.

A waterproof jacket is ideal to protect yourself from splashes as you sail across the ocean. And if it does happen to rain, you’ll want to keep your clothes dry. Wet clothes that don’t have any sun to dry out on aren’t the greatest during a sailing trip.

To Conclude Luxury Sailing Vacations Tips for Couples

The greatest part about a couple’s sailing trip is getting the chance to spend uninterrupted time together. It’s about relaxing, making time for adventures together, and creating those lifelong memories.

Whichever sailing tour you two decide to embark on, read up and make sure you have a thorough idea of what the package includes. There are plenty of amazing sailing experiences around the globe and it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits your needs as a couple.

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