A Blurry Night in Lopburi (Central Thailand)

This uniquely Thai bar lies hidden on a sleepy street adjacent to Wat Phra Sri Mahathat. Come on Bar Lopburi is barely noticeable other than a Beer Chang sign which lights up the opposite side of the street. I was lured in by tiny markups and the sounds of Thai pop-rock music. At the time the place was empty other than bar staff,  a small group of Thai and younger kids from the area. Come On bar Lopburi turned out to be a great place for Lopburi Nightlife.

After a couple of hefty glasses of Blend 285 whiskey, the place is packed with outside seating for Come On Bar were covering the street. Two birthdays were being celebrated – one for bar staff and the other a local English teacher. A barbecue was set up on the street and spicy Thai salads were shared at tables. Not sure if it was free but I can’t remember paying. I find myself partying till the wee hours sharing whiskys with local Muay Thai fighters from the nearby army base. For full Lopburi blog check here >>

Location: Come on Bar Lopburi (Thanon Phraya Kamjat, Old Town)

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