Guest Photographer: Chang

Today’s guest photographer is Chang… or at least for the purpose of this post he is called Chang. I don’t actually know his name. The photo shoot takes place at my local street food street where we meet at the Som Tam counter while ordering lunch. What starts as a conversation on Chang’s awesome Elephant (Chang) T-shirt becomes an impromptu photo shoot. A session depicting Life through the Lens of a 4-Year-Old Thai kid. Yes, Chang is a 4-year-old Thai kid. Pictured below.

Chang’s Photo Shoot

This was Chang’s first time at photography. Enthusiastic but an obvious newb. Copying my actions Chang presses his eye to the LCD screen of the DSLR camera and starts clicking. Poor. A lot of white tile. I point Chang to the viewfinder and eye cup. A grin comes to his face and he starts clicking again. A lot of table leg, waist and crotch pictures. Getting better.

Chang. Look Up!

By this stage, I am sweating. The camera’s safety strap fallen below Chang’s shoulders and one slip up from his stumpy fingers means my camera is toast. Either way I had faith in Chang and rightfully so. Success. He snaps this smiley image of a sweet old lady at my favourite Moo Grob stall. So proud of Chang.

Chang the Shutterbug

The photo shoot ends with Chang being pulled away to eat with his mum. Crying and wailing of course. Chang far from happy to lose his new toy. Don’t worry Chang I’ll soon be tomorrow.

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