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In the past I feel I have been getting by on luck in Thailand, where I have married in Thailand, bought property, and navigated all sorts of visa and immigration issues, with no legal consultation. But now more than ever it is recommended to at least consider some sort of legal advice on pretty much everything I’ve covered in the past. As, when it comes to foreign nationals, the Thai government is tightening on what before were relatively relaxed rules and regulations for those planning to settle in Thailand. And this is not so much in corruption in the country, but the use of loopholes and shortcuts, that people may have got away with in the past.

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Tightening Rules and Regulations

For example, I recently called into an immigration office to have my current Visa extended only for my wife to be fined for allowing me to stay in her property without giving prior notice to the local provincial immigration offices. It’s just these obscure and for most people unknown rules and regulations that can come back to bite you in the ass. So these days it is best to be safe with legal guidance when planning to settle in Thailand. And here we share a couple of the more relevant issues we are approached with, which can be helped by Integrity Legal, which are a convenient source for Lawyers in Bangkok.

Immigration Services

I have been hearing, and even contacted for advice on immigration issues which are pretty much way over my head. For example, more and more I have been hearing of westerners who are somewhat settled in Thailand, with long-term property rental contracts, and lots of possession. Who have been turned away by immigration on entry to the country, and are unable to get back in for their property and possessions.  So this is just one example of where professional advice is needed toward visas, residence, and just the various immigration issues which help the client’s specific needs.

Property & Real Estate Services

For a start, with very few exceptions, foreign nationals are not allowed to own real estate in Thailand. And I have heard of all sorts of absurd loopholes in the past, including some poor farang agreeing to a lifelong lease for him on property he bought for his Thai partner. Where he would pay mere pennies per year to rent the property for the rest of his life. So his life was unfortunately cut short following an “accident”, although his Thai partner was later arrested and charged for his murder. You see what I’m getting at. But there are some easier and less dangerous routes to having nice properties in Thailand.

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The Condominium Option

However I opted instead for the easier option of buying a condominium in Thailand, which again comes under the provisions of the Thai Condominium Act, and at least 50% of any condominium building must still be owned by local Thai nationals. Then there are matters like conveyancing, mortgage registration, lease drafting, and the Tabien Baan (house book) obtainment. And it’s sometimes easier to just have some legal services sort this stuff out.

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