What Jobs Can You Do in Thailand While Travelling?

It is the dream of many people to travel the world. But how do you fund your travels? You can save up before you go or make arrangements to do some work when you’re there before moving onto your next foreign destination. Either approach works fine if you’re organized about what you’re doing first. Here are a small handful of job suggestions when travelling in Thailand.

English Teacher

Teaching is the obvious one. It runs on a per-term basis, so you can stay a few months or the full 11 months of the teaching year. A change has happened recently with teachers in Thailand where more security checks are being performed to root out bad apples, but this shouldn’t be a concern for you.

Schools are also looking either for better-qualified teachers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. They’re also finding that younger teachers, even ones with a TEFL certification but little practical teaching experience, tend to get along better with Thai children than older men near retirement age. If you are lucky to be a millenial, there are plenty of jobs based on an open approach and not on years of teaching experience.

Consultant for an NGO

There is some work available for people with non-profit organizational experience who wish to work for an international NGO. Despite Thailand’s now advanced level of development compared to a couple of decades ago, there are still some charitable projects helping impoverished families and other needy cases around the country.

With charity work, unless you’re planning on volunteering, you’ll still need the right qualifications and experience as the jobs are sought after. However, for volunteering, as long as you have the appropriate volunteer paperwork to approve your stay for this purpose, you’ll be welcomed at many places that are actively seeking help from Westerners.


For qualified nurses, they’re in demand at international hospitals and specialist health centers that need internationally experienced staff. It is best to go through healthcare agencies that specialize in placing American nurses abroad to find an appropriate job in the right healthcare establishment.

While working as a nurse abroad, it’s a wonderful opportunity to use your spare time to study for one of the doctor of nurse practitioner programs to advance your career. These online doctoral nursing programs cover the entire course online which can be studied abroad without difficulty. The internet connections in Thailand are fast enough to stream educational video and study from your own rental home.

There are many provinces within Thailand to travel in between periods of work. Bangkok, the capital, moving towards the southern part of the country is bustling and is the city that never stops. The beach life on the islands further south from Bangkok is another world entirely to the fast-paced life of the capital. The sedate life of northern cities like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai is mild in comparison, though Chiang Mai is getting progressively busier as more people flock to it for the cooler weather and cultural experience.

The good thing about Thailand is that you’ll be never be bored and the prices are lower enough for it be affordable to go out often to enjoy what the country has to offer.

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