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As always my planning for this trip was haphazard and lazy. By booking flights less than 2 weeks in advance, without checking the VISA situation, I am left with a last minute scramble for a VISA. First I find for British Passport holders there is an excess fee for an Indian VISA Application. While Fanfan (Thai) only pays 1,700 Baht; myself being British pay 4,000 Baht. Extortionate? Check here for list of Indian VISA fees. In truth I wouldn’t have booked the flights knowing this. With added fees (below) the VISA cost near double the flights from Bangkok to India (Kolkata). On the plus side I do get to see India which I wouldn’t have bothered with knowing the situation in advance. Anyway this is the process for Indian VISA Application in Bangkok. Easily done online, by yourself, without help from agents etc. Click below banner to start the easy online application.

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Some of the stranger questions; visible identification marks e.g. moles, birthmarks or as I put none. Also a particularly hard question for travellers; Countries Visited in Last 10 Years which gives enough space for less than our past years’ travels. Add the more prominent VISAs in your passport and you should be fine (we were).

The Indian VISA Services Office (Asoke)

Once the online application form is complete, print it and bring with other documentation (listed below) to the India VISA Services Office (or IVS for short). The IVS office is located on the far end of the Asoke Road (Sukhumvit 21) just before the bridge crossing to Petchaburi. You will find it on the left when coming from the Asoke Interchange station. Get there by MRT (Sukhumvit, Exit 3) or BTS (Asoke). The main Asoke road pictured below. For the lazy you maybe better with a quick taxi or motorbike. The building is called the 253 Asoke Building (also pictured below). Take the elevators to the 22nd floor and the offices are directly next to them. The building also sits opposite Rutnin Eye Hospital if that’s of any help.

India VISA Services Asoke, Indian Visa Application in Bangkok Indian VISA Offices Asoke, Indian Visa Application in Bangkok

What You Need?

Documentation for the Indian VISA Application in Bangkok:

  • Completed Visa Application Form (must be completed online and printed)
  • Two recent colour photographs (2 x 2 inch, no exceptions).
  • Two Photocopies of Passport Photo Page (for non-Thai include copy of current Thai VISA in passport)
  • Reference form (for non-Thai only; can be obtained and completed at the VISA application office).
  • Copy of return flight ticket
  • Copy of hotel booking (we booked the first two nights)

Additional Fees?

If details are wrong on the application will need to be edited and printed again by the Indian VISA offices. We paid 175 Baht each after screwing up both our application forms. Where we got it wrong? For tourist VISA the ‘Period of VISA’ must be ‘6 months’ even if planning to stay only days. ‘Number of Entries’ must be ‘Double’ not ‘Single’. You can also get photographs printed (250 Baht) at the VISA Application office and print outs of the ‘reference form’ (5 Baht per photocopy). Below is what I paid. 4000 Baht for VISA and 485 Baht for God knows what. Full VISA fees for British Citizen equal 4,485 Baht. For Thai Citizens 1,785 Baht. On top of that you need to pay 250 Baht for Courier Services even if you plan on picking up your passport in person. Also a 60 Baht SMS Fee. My additional fees coming to a grand total of 475 Baht. Remember all fees (and processes) can change overnight so use only as guidance.

British Citizen Fees UK, Indian Visa Application in Bangkok Additional Fees, Indian Visa Application in Bangkok, British Citizen UK

Other Questions?

Time for Completion? For Non-Thai applicants the VISA is issued on the 6th working day.  If unlucky it can take up to 8 days. There may also be an added day or two for courier (postage). For Thai nationals the VISA takes a minimum of three working days.

Opening Hours of India VISA offices? Open Monday to Friday. Between 08:30 and 14:00 for VISA application and between 16:30 and 17:30 for VISA collection.

Arrival in Kolkata, Indian Visa Application in Bangkok, British Citizen UK Colourful Kolkata, Indian Visa Application in Bangkok, British Citizen UK

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  1. lol i am not india so it’s really just to say, you think indian visa fees are extortionate for UK citizens? a little reasearch would show you that UK ask a 3000 pounds deposit for indians visiting the UK. i’m french and paid 1700 baths for the indian visa. plus the 500 baths ivs fees of course. good blog anyway

    1. think the deposit’s more for insurance. breaching Visa etc. only ever did the Visa for Thai to UK which was 4,000 Bt which is cheaper (not sure Indian fees for UK). in terms of value for money the India VISA would be double any I’ve paid before within Asia. now in the process of a Chinese VISA which is cheap but process hard (will post on it soon). would say the added expense on India Visa was made up for by amazing, cheap food. anyway have a great time in India. A.

    2. yeah that’s because they all disappear in the uk!..the land of milk and honey where the streets are paved with gold!!!!!!!……

  2. Laurentiu Morariu

    Thanks for the helpful info. I submitted my passport today November 4th and wanted to mention that they asked me to explain in a letter why I don’t have hotel bookings for each day of my stay. Also they are asking for a copy of the flight ticket to India. The photos can be printed outside the building; right side at a small photo studio.

    1. Thanks for the info Laurentiu. I had a similar situation about hotel bookings with Chinese VISA. To make it easier I booked hotels with free cancellation on booking .com then cancelled afterwards.

  3. Thanks for the helpful post. I’m about to submit an application, and I’m sure your post will save me a lot of time and energy. I’m reading some of your other articles too –> good stuff!

  4. Just a quick question, why did you have to put ‘Double’ and not ‘Single’ for your entries?
    Also, we don’t live in Bangkok and will be applying for visa, is this okay to get a tourist visa?

    1. Hi Nick. I’m honestly not certain here, it was a while back. I think it was what was recommended by the embassy and I am almost certain it didn’t cost any more. We were also travelling close to Nepal so it give us the option of crossing the border at the time. Yeah you should be fine for Bangkok.

  5. Useful suggestions ! I am thankful for the analysis . Does anyone know where my company can get ahold of a fillable indian visa application version to use?

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