How to Plan Your 7-Day Ireland Travel Itinerary 

One week in Ireland is just the right amount of time to have some fun, explore some cities and natural attractions, and acquire a basic knowledge of the essence of the country! However, if you are a first-time visitor and generally lack experience in planning a holiday, we are here to help. Check out some tips, hacks, and suggestions in planning the best 7-day itinerary for your Ireland trip

General Knowledge

Before going anywhere or organizing anything, you might want to check your facts about the most general yet essential things about your destination. In this case, this is what you should know: 

  • Currency: the Republic of Ireland uses Euros, while Northern Ireland uses Pounds;
  • Languages: primarily Irish speak English and Irish (or Gaelic); however, keep in mind that the locals speak with heavy accents! 

These are the most important things for you to know before visiting since you might have to deal with the currency change when visiting some places, and might want to learn some basic phrases in their language. Moving on!

Best Time to Visit

The best time of the year to visit Ireland really depends on what you want to see and do. Weather-wise, the warmest months are in the summertime, June through August, so you might want to consider going then if you plan on spending a lot of time admiring the outdoors.

However, as this is the most popular time slot for holidaying in general, you might encounter crowds of tourists, increased fees and pricing, and overall a harder time getting to what you want to see. If masses of people do not make you uncomfortable, though, you should definitely go in the summertime! The greenery is fantastic at that time of the year, and everything else is open!

What You Wish to See

Now, as we mentioned, one week is the perfect amount of time to enjoy what Ireland has to offer. First, however, you should still decide which places interest you the most and which regions are the most comfortable to see and explore. Here are some ideas!


Landing in Ireland’s capital city is the perfect kick-off for your trip! Also, the city is a must-see. Without the initial research, many people think of Dublin as a grim, urbanized city, and that is not the case whatsoever! Instead, you will find the most beautiful architectural pieces and historical monuments here, such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublin Castle, the campus of the 16th-century Trinity College, and Kilmainham Gaol – the former prison and a symbol of rebellion. 

Leave some time to entertain yourself, too—head to the Temple Bar, the most famous pub in Dublin and most likely all of Ireland. Have a pint of Guinness or a glass of their favourite whiskeys


For those who are looking for the serenity that only nature can deliver, Connemara is perfect, with its Atlantic coast scenery, lakes, windswept hills, and mountain ranges. It even has a National Park, which is stunning and picturesque, with blooming flowers, wildlife, and some of the greenest areas you have ever seen! 

When you are done exploring flora and fauna, you can travel to see some of the most prestigious locations here, starting with Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Gardens. Visitors are welcome to tour the Gothic church surrounded by hills and valleys, making it the perfect viewpoint. 


A name popular in songs, movies, and books – Galway is a vibrant and lovely student city in the West of Ireland. While this is a college town and most of the people you will encounter will be youngsters, Galway is more than just a fun and loud city where beer runs free (although there is plenty of that, too)! 

Marvel at the stunning Galway Cathedral and do some shopping and Quay and High Streets. They are great for an afternoon walk, as well! 

There are numerous cities just as lovely as these three, really, more than you can probably imagine. But look at how different yet equally interesting they all must be! This is just an example of how much of anything you can see in Ireland. So keep that in mind while planning, and be free with your imagination.


Just like when planning any trip to Europe, you should think about comfortable transportation to help you navigate.

There are great places for rental car services in Ireland, and their buses are also comfortable and quick! However, we suggest leaning most on the railways. The railroad system is very well developed, and if you want to reach many various destinations, the trains are your best option! 

We hope to have helped you with the first step in planning your Irish holiday. Trust in trains to take you through the city borders, and plan to go see as many separate locations as possible. Follow our tips, and have the best time! 

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