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Free Travel eBooks, Road Trip in East-Central EuropeDestination Travels: Road Trip in East-Central Europe

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Covering nine countries and countless landscapes in East-Central Europe. A beginner’s guide to road trips in winter including short city breaks and far-flung mountain villages. Starting from the Tatra mountains in Poland travelling south towards the Mediterranean, before spiralling up through East Central Europe and the Alps.

Destinations include: Budapest in Hungary, Lake Bled and Ljubljana in Slovenia, Salzburg and Halsttatt in Austria, Pasau in Germany, Cesky Krumlov and Stachy in Czech Republic, Bojnice and Bratislava in Slovakia, Zakopane and Auschwitz in Poland.

We Owned the JR Pass by Live Less Ordinary. Allan Wilson and Fanfan Wilson

Destination Travels: Train Travel in Japan

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Two weeks of the travel on the Japan Rail Pass. This itinerary would be best described as ‘extreme sightseeing’ where we’d travel ridiculous distances to photograph stuff, only to travel ridiculous distances back again. The first day is an early example as we travel 1,200 km to photograph the snow and sakura blossoms in Northern Japan.

Destinations include: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, the Alpine Route, Takayama Mountain Village, Mount Fuji and much, much more.

Free Travel eBooks Japanese Snow by Live Less Ordinary

 Japanese Snow: Winter Rail Travel in Japan

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One week on the Japan Rail Pass in Winter (Feb 2017). A similar “extreme sightseeing” adventure, only in winter, starting and ending in Osaka and covering both Hokkaido Island and Honshu Mainland. The itinerary covers many of the must-see winter attractions in Japan.

Destinations include: The Sapporo Snow Festival, Otaru Light Festival, Hokkaido, Shirakawa-go, the Snow Monkey Park, Tarakagawa Onsen, Tokyo and Osaka.

Living in Bangkok eBook CoverExpat Guide: Living in Bangkok

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Having lived as an expat in Bangkok for 3 years I share my own experiences of living in Bangkok; from buying my own condo in the Sukhumvit area to the basic costs of living in different parts of the city. This eBook includes a basic analysis, and breakdown of costs for living in Bangkok and takes into account varying lifestyles, comfort levels and budgets. From a basic living in full-time retirement, to big city life and the so-called ‘VIP’ lifestyle.

Costs Include: Bread and Butter, Monthly Overheads, Socialising, Shopping, Travel and Tourist VISA Runs.

Essential Eating in Asia eBook

Essential Eating: 50 Favourite Asian Foods

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I like to eat and drink weird stuff, in weird places, surrounded by weirdness. For roughly 3 years I’ve been doing just this, while travelling in Asia. It’s been great fun, and while I’d love to share everything forced through my piehole over the past 3 years I will have to shorten it to share my Top 50 Foods of Asia. The Must-Eats which every person should try when travelling in these parts of the world. If you missed any, then you have to go back.

Destinations Include: All Southeast Asia (ASEAN region), Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Sri Lanka, India and the Himalayas.

Essential Eating in Bangkok eBook CoverEssential Eating: Bangkok Street Food Guide

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For more than 10 years Thai food has been a fascination of mine and, living in Bangkok, street food and cheap eats quickly became my life. These foods would quickly become integral to my life in the city; from breakfast through to night snacks and having now moved from the city it is one thing I miss. I do plan a more comprehensive list, including my food experiences from where we live now in rural Thailand (Isaan) but to give you a taste of what you can and should find on Bangkok streets this is my Bangkok street food and cheap eat guide. Aroi mak mak.

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