Animal Cruelty at JJ Market

There are large sections of JJ weekend market which sell all sorts of exotic pets. The shops range from air-conditioned and pedigree pets to stuffed cages selling cheap, mass-produced animals. When it comes to buying pets at JJ Market there are cheaper and much more ethical alternatives.

Buying Pets in Bangkok

Our first pet came from JJ Market – Burger a Coronet Guinea Pig. We paid extra for a nicer air-conditioned shop with pedigree certificates. Two years old now Burger is alive and well (but he died soon after). We continue to visit JJ market for food bedding and treats.

Our second pet didn’t come from JJ Market. Visiting the area regularly for guinea pig treats the animal cruelty became obvious. For this reason, we opted against JJ. Instead we searched online and found Moo Ping a cute Persian cat from a litter of local kittens needing new homes.

We visited the family on the outskirts of Bangkok (near Suvarnabuhmi) where we chose the scraggy kitten, covered in ringworm, and with weird whiskers. We could have taken a happy healthy kitten but Moo Ping was too cute. After a bit of care at the beginning, she is now healthier than ever. My guess is at JJ Market she would have been binned.

Dead or Alive?

It is sad to pass the area. Cages of animals are stacked in busy isles. The heat obviously too much for many cool-climate animals. In many cages, there is no movement – hard to tell if animals are sleeping or dead. Many look scrawny, scraggly even deformed.

The crueller shops with signs deterring photography (otherwise I would show more below). I photographed some of the better-looking animals. It is obvious pets are mass-bred for sale. And the rejects are more than likely thrown aside and binned. And those that do make it may not last long. Ask anyone about buying pets in JJ Market and they all say the same.

Is this even legal?

I can’t help but question the legality of it. It’s a bit like the enforcement of counterfeit clothes where regulators just turn a blind eye. So enforcing animal regulations doesn’t appear to be high on the priority list. Every trip finds something new, and on our last visit, we passed the terrariums and aquariums where magnificent blacktip reef sharks were squashed into small tanks.

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  1. Do they treat animals well at JJ market? Probably not, but surely they treat them a lot better than the animals you eat on a daily basis.

      1. Double standards are so ingrained into our society so it’s considered odd and weird when you don’t confirm to them.

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