Tips for A Couples Holiday to Santorini on A Budget 

Santorini is a magical island for all couples, and you are sure to fall in love with not just the Cyclades Island but with each other all over again. Those cherished memories of spending time amidst the rugged landscape, the whitewashed towns, blue-domed churches, and the clear blue waters are sure to remain with you for a lifetime.

So, if you are planning to travel to Santorini with your partner or loved one but are on a budget, you are just on the right page. Here, you will get some useful tips on how to make the most of your trip and come back with some great memories.

To begin with your planning, you should know how much it can cost to spend your holiday in Santorini and plan your budget accordingly.

The budget for your trip

Expect to pay around $120 to $140 a day during your vacation in Santorini. The expenses cover your food, stay, and transportation and can vary based on where you plan to stay or eat. A vacation for a week for a couple can cost around $1,800. Thus, you should have those kinds of funds if planning a vacation here.

Where to stay, eat and drink on a budget

Couples on a budget should look for ways to save their money and still enjoy the trip. Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap hotels and eating joints, particularly in Perissa, Karterados, and Kamari, where you can get awesome food and great options for your stay. Why not try camping at Fira and save some more while enjoying a serious adventure? Fira is not only more affordable but less crowded and more peaceful. Thus, there is no need to compromise on convenience, comfort, and safety when staying in a cheaper place in Santorini, as there are many good locations available at a reasonable price.

Some of the top eating joints that are famous not just for their great food but also their affordable costs are Falafeland, Juicy Burger, Margarita, Santa Irini Bakery, and many more. Thus, it means you can enjoy some incredible local food made from fresh produce and ingredients from their cultivated land with the rich volcanic soil at lower costs. Fall in love with the Greek cuisine and look forward to a romantic evening.

Use public transportation to get around in Santorini – one can reach almost all the parts of the island with it. Another advantage of using local transport besides it being cheap, is that you get to meet local people and get more familiar with their culture. Starting from the capital Athens, it is also easier to reach Santorini by train or bus. The fares are inexpensive, and the rides are comfortable.

Santorini is brimming with ideas and options on how to enjoy the island without breaking your bank and is a big destination for Mediterranean Cruises. For example, go for a fun beach day! You can explore ravishing Greek beaches and enjoy a day in nature. Going for a refreshing swim on a hot and sunny day, is the best for relaxing! Columbo Beach is the perfect option for a couple looking for some peace and privacy.

Book a Volcano Tour if you want to explore as much as possible of Santorini while being on a fixed budget. This is also your chance to hike on the volcano, enjoy a swim in hot springs and spend some cozy time together. 

Oia is probably one of the most famous towns here in Santorini and should not be missed. Visit the villages of Kamari and Perissa on the east coast to gaze at the dramatic cliffs and explore the ruins of Ancient Thira.

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