Concept, Cardboard, Scissors and Glue.

Ruling lines, cutting cardboard and glueing bits. This is what I did today. Not the most exciting of days but it is my duty as a hapless boyfriend. As an assigned project Fanfan was to design and build a model temple with less than 24 hours on the clock. I offered an extra pair of hands. To add to my recent boring blogs I thought I would blog about it in an attempt to make it exciting and educational. Someone out there may be interested. Note this is not the first time I’ve built a model temple. Praying for it to be the last. Today’s project was contemporary Thai temple design.

Contemporary Thai Temple Design

The first part of the process is all Fanfan. Design concept, scaling and plans. Design stuff I have no idea about; floor plan, side elevations, interior and exterior perspectives.  The design is actually for a shrine or meditation centre (Sala Hor Phra) rather than a full temple. These shrines can be found all over Thailand many bought by wealthy residents contributing to local society. These shrines are where locals go to meditate and pray. Fanfan chose a design concept of enlightenment and “Spiritual Awareness” with a location high up and cliff side which is symbolic for being close to heaven. The design would be similar to Wat Tri Thotsathep Worawihan a temple we visited earlier this year (built by three Kings). The shrine will be home to 3 Buddha statues the largest Buddha sitting central. Fanfan doesn’t appear in any photos because she “looks terrible”.

Building the Temple

This is where I come in. It was my job to cut the card, eat junk food and complain about sore knees and a busted ass. I was good at the latter two. After four hours of Stanley knives and UHU we complete the project. Amazing what you can do with a couple sheets of cardboard.

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