A Cheapo Tour of Bangkok

Bangkok, aka Krung Thep and the city Angels, is easily one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia. A once-in-a-lifetime destination yet, in reality, it is possible to explore the city in just a weekend. That’s 3-days in Bangkok, covering even more than a backpacker would in weeks while passing through. As you can literally be there with a say 10-hour flight from places in the UK, a bit further from the US, which is a bit like a lie-in on the weekend.

My own route always takes me from either Dublin or flights from London where I recently found a rather tasty flight for under £400 return. The cheapest I’ve seen in near 15 years ago with a direct flight with Eva Air. So it was just hard to pass up on the opportunity, and even if it was for only a short stay, it is possible to tick off many of the things to do in Bangkok on the lonesome or all things to do in Bangkok with kids.

Finding cheap airline tickets is a fair task sometimes, with generic travel websites who aim to earn from hotel bookings which offer high margins rather than focus on air tickets. Then there are the ticketing websites that offer the ‘umbrella service’ for all modes of travel. But CheapOair.com is a platform which gives not only great offers but the cheapest air tickets in the industry. With great discounts on the phone only options and lots more for the customer!

Everyone Loves a Bargain

The common notion is that ‘cheap’ is a negative, but the alternative is travelling to the same destination on the same flight on a more expensive ticket. And looking for cheap travel is nothing but a smart thing to do when both the seats are literally in the same compartment of the same plane! And by going cheap you will always have that extra spend in to spend in the actual destination itself. And this is CheapOair celebrates being cheap. It’s nothing but a great thing. Anyway, I went to Bangkok for a last-minute cheapo weekend trip from London thanks to cheap air tickets on CheapOair! And here’s an idea of what to achieve during such a short break in Bangkok’s bustling city.

Day 1 in Bangkok

Even following a day’s work, a late-night overnight flight to Bangkok and will be arriving in the city the following day around midday or slightly later. For example, take a 9 PM flight from London and you will reach Bangkok by 2 PM after, hopefully, a night of comfortable sleep on board. With just carry-on baggage, a small backpack with a few clothes and necessary gadgets also makes the airports and just getting around much quicker. And travel from the airport to the hotel using the city’s widespread train systems, the BTS Skytrain and the MRT underground lines, get you there quickly.

After checking in to the hotel, going with a heritage hotel or urban retreat for that added experience in the city, there will still be time to relax before the evening. Maybe even find some added sleep during a massage or spa treatment, before getting out to explore the city. Then, well-rested, a good option would be for an introduction to the culture and traditions of Thailand, probably found best at the Siam Niramit performance which roughly ends at 10PM before the better nightlife begins in Bangkok, with maybe one of the city’s many rooftop bars with a beautiful cityscape at night.

Day 2 in Bangkok

After a good night’s sleep, wake early and fresh and ditch the hotel breakfast for a street food adventure. Walk on the streets and when you can’t, take a motorbike taxi and head back. Step out of the hotel and explore outside of the city humdrum, towards Rattanakosin Island and the old Bangkok city areas. Explore Chinatown and absorb the vibe before moving onto the obligatory temple tour, with the Grand Palace to see the Emerald Buddha, and then across the road to Wat Pho and the iconic reclining Buddha. There is a medical school here for some more traditional Thai massage. Then it’s not far to Wat Arun found opposite on the nearby Chao Phraya river.

Next would be an evening on Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River, with a romantic dinner cruise, although it’s best to go for one of the more expensive options, at least to find some romance. One of the perks having saved on CheapOair tickets. And there are few scenes as magnificent than the Bangkok riverside at night time, with the main temples lit up, along with some proper Thai cuisine and maybe a cocktail or two. Before the rush to the airport for the return flight home. Of course it is late by this time, but, having started out in London, there is always a 6 to 7-hour time difference, meaning a 12-hour flight only really takes 6 hours if that makes sense. So the return flight will arrive early in the morning and just in time for the start of work on Monday. Although I would probably just phone in with a sicky.

Check out CheapOair and experience some similar cheapo adventures. “Go Ahead, Be Cheap”.  Brought to you by CheapOair!

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