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Mekong River Eating, Things to do in Savannakhet Laos Southeast Asia

Essential Eating in Laos

If visiting Laos you are likely to arrive from neighbouring borders, Vietnam on the East or Thailand on the West. Two countries which influence Lao food in a big way. In fact most of Lao food staples are similar or the same as that of their neighbours. Influences of Lanna Food (Northern Thailand), Isaan Food (North East Thailand) and Vietnamese …

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Local Isaan Night Market Nang Rong Thailand

Some Serious Sausages in Isaan

Isaan sausages or sausages as they’re called in Isaan, (Saigrok Isaan ไส้กรอกอีสาน in Thai) are easily one of my most munched street foods of all time. This is partly due to their deliciousness, but also because they are found all over Bangkok and Thailand, and they are just so easy to eat on the go. However Isaan …

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Allan Wilson, Thailand, Suppathra Land Fruit Farm East Thailand Travel in Rayong Province

Diaries of a Durian Smuggler

This was not so much about me sharing the sweet custardy delight of durian with my loved ones back home. But more for the challenge and adventure of travelling with this notoriously stinky fruit, which is pretty much banned from public transport, hotels and airlines in Thailand. “No Durian Allowed”. And I really just thought …

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