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Wanderlust Blog of the Year - Kavadi Thaipusan Festival - Penang

Travel Blog of the Year

Chasing a missed flight with a gut full of curry mee, queueing at an airport service desk drenched in sweat and panic; a life of travel is far from glamorous. My past week has been tiring both physically and emotionally. Travelling alone, overnight train journeys and budget accommodation. I covered thousands of miles, witnessed awesome …

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Completing Hotel Check-In Form (Occupation: the Hamburglar)

Occupation: The Hamburglar

Family Name: Wilson, Given Name(s): Allan, Occupation: …….? I struggle at this point. When first travelling I had no occupation. I was a university dropout with nothing to say for myself. Every time I travelled the hotel check-in would force me to fill the blank. Does it really matter? Whatever I write it was going to …

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