Best Areas to Eat In New York City 

Before choosing hotels, or even confirming flights to a destination, the first thing I will always do before travel is scope out the best areas to find the best food. As there’s an unlikely chance that I’ll have a desperate to suddenly visit the Empire State Building, but there’s always a good chance I’ll have a proper hankering for big pizza pie or some zingy chicken wings. In short, just put me near the food.

With a mixing pot of seemingly countless cooking cultures, when it comes to diversity in food, New York is unbeatable. It is a city with so much depth and so many layers to explore that it can be hard for us gastrotourists to even know where to begin. Because there is simply just so much amazing food in New York to explore.

From my own personal preferences, it will always be more the street food and diners, and informal eating in the city, which goes way beyond the somewhat cliched hot dog stands of New York. As these days there is a host of food trucks and food markets that dish out some of the most authentic yet ethnically diverse food you will find in one place. New York really is a foodie’s paradise.

Something for Everyone

Whether you are a first-time visitor to New York or have been there several times, local culinary offerings are major attractions for all visitors. New York has hundreds of communities across its five boroughs, and each community boasts of some special restaurants with a diverse range of cuisines. So, where does one eat to enjoy the best experience while in NYC? Well, the question is indeed a tough one to answer as there are so many endless options out there. Still, there are some popular dining neighbourhoods that boast great food, great prices, and are fun places to visit.

Here are some of the favourite dining areas to explore in the city:

Manhattan for Fantastic Bars and Restaurants

You will come across some top-notch dining establishments as well as fast-casual restaurants in the East Side of Manhattan. Greenwich Village in the West is highly recommended for bistros, taverns, and trattorias, while the Downtown neighbourhoods boast upscale but mid-priced establishments. The massive Manhattan Chinatown is worth checking out.

Manhattan Cocktail in New York

Sunset Park for Tacos and Dumplings

You are sure to get fascinated by the diverse South Brooklyn community, where you will find Asian food on the east side and Latin American food on the west side. Some of the most popular Hong Kong-style banquet halls are located here in Sunset Park, a popular destination for those in love with dim-sums and looking for delicious and affordable food.

The Bronx for Mexican and Italian foods

Belmont is Bronx’s Little Italy and dotted with old grocery stores, bakeries, and meat markets. Check out the Slavic places and modern Italian restaurants in the Upper East Side and great Latin neighbourhoods at the southern side. This hilly Jewish and Russian enclave of Riverdale offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy Kosher Delicatessen and great Thai food.

Italian Food, Road Trip in Northern Italy Summer

Jackson Heights for India foods

Jackson Heights is a haven for those in search of great Indian food, and some of the very best Indian Restaurants of New York are located in the area. You will find a huge variety of curries, biryanis, Indian bread, and specialists like Dosa at the local restaurants in Jackson Heights. Tibetan dumplings are fast getting popular in the ever-growing dining neighbourhood.

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Staten Island for Great Pizza Hotspots

Located in the city’s foremost maritime neighbourhoods, Staten Island is well famed for great sheet pizzas and different pie styles. Take a trip on Victory Boulevard to reach the vaunted Sri Lankan eateries and the city’s foremost taquerias. Get off Staten Island and travel to Dongan Hills to explore and enjoy distinguished bar-style pizzas.

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Chinatown for Authentic Handmade Noodles

If you love Chinese food and are looking for the very best, head straight for Chinatown, where you are sure to find a diverse selection of regional Chinese food. Manhattan’s Chinatown boasts of perhaps the best representation and selection of dim sums, potstickers, and noodles at affordable rates. You will never run short of options here in Chinatown, and this is your chance to enjoy arthritic Chinese food in America.

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