6 Outstanding Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Become a Singapore Citizen

Many people who visit Singapore tend to get impressed by the city-state’s immaculate infrastructure, its efficient transport system, its wealth of socio-civic and green spaces, and the general orderliness of life in the country. The same people may be wondering if there’s a difference between their experience of Singapore as tourists compared to the experiences of permanent residents (PRs) and citizens.

As longtime residents of the city-state can profess, there are significant advantages to earning Singaporean citizenship. Those who successfully go the route from permanent residency to full citizenship enjoy more perks like government subsidies on healthcare and education, as well as other forms of social support. If it’s in your plans to continue living in the country for many years after your Singapore PR application is approved, it is definitely worth exploring what benefits full citizenship will afford you should you decide to pursue it in the future.

A Powerful Passport

One noteworthy advantage that comes with Singaporean citizenship is a Singaporean passport, which has consistently ranked as among the most powerful in the world. As of 2022, the Singaporean passport enjoys the top spot globally along with the Japanese passport, with both countries’ passport holders having the privilege of being able to travel to 192 destinations around the world without needing a visa to enter.

Does your line of work require a lot of travelling, or has frequent travel long been part of your family’s lifestyle? If the answer to either question is yes, then a Singaporean passport is certainly something to aspire for.

Favourable Options for Housing

Another perk of Singaporean citizenship is the ability to either buy or rent property that’s subsidised by Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB). As a Singapore citizen, it will be much easier for you to obtain affordable housing options like apartments, executive flats, or condominiums. You may also be eligible for an HDB loan at a concessionary interest rate as long as you meet the agency’s eligibility criteria.

Upon attaining your citizenship status, you will worry a little less about keeping a roof over your head. Your Singaporean citizenship will open up a lot of options that won’t break the bank.

Affordable and High-Quality Healthcare

Singapore citizens also enjoy a wide range of affordable, yet trustworthy healthcare options. Healthcare is heavily subsidised for Singaporeans, which means that at the baseline, they receive lower rates for medical check-ups and hospitalisations.

Citizens are also eligible for various government healthcare financing schemes and insurance plans like Medishield and ElderShield. When you become a Singapore citizen, there are a lot of financing options that you can look into for your medical treatment.

Access to Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF)

A citizen of Singapore is also entitled to social support mechanisms like the Central Provident Fund or CPF. This is a social security plan that requires Singapore employers and their PR or Singapore citizen employees to make monthly contributions into an Ordinary Account, Special Account, and Medisave Account.

The contributions that you and your employer make to your CPF can be withdrawn to fund a house, invest in financial products, pay for your children’s education, and finance your hospitalisation expenses to name a few. In addition, your CPF contributions can go towards tax relief—which is a privilege only enjoyed by PRs and Singapore citizens.

Government Support for Your Parenting Journey

Knowing just how expensive it is to raise children, you may be discouraged about starting a family. But for Singaporeans, there are various parenthood incentives and benefits available to help ease the financial burdens of having kids. If your goal is to have children of your own, Singapore will offer the perfect environment for both parents and children to live good lives. 

Among the perks that you can look forward to as a parent to Singapore citizen children are the parenthood tax rebates for every new child born, as well as Singapore’s Baby Bonus Scheme, which facilitates cash gifts and dollar-to-dollar contributions to your child’s Children Development Account. Parents who have worked for their Singaporean employer for up to three months are also entitled to child care leave and new infant care leave. It will be a special joy to raise kids in Singapore, knowing that the country sees them as a valuable investment and will actively support their care.   

Free or Subsidised Education for Your Children

Singapore’s education system is among the best in the world, with the country regularly achieving high literacy rates and high rates of enrolment for the various year levels. One of the greatest advantages of being a Singapore citizen with a family in tow is being able to send your children to an excellent school at affordable rates. For Singapore citizens, primary-level schooling in a government educational institution is free, and secondary and pre-university education are generously subsidised.

The Singaporean government also rewards academic achievement with various scholarships, grants, and schemes. Consider earning Singaporean citizenship to attain a world-class education for your child without having to spend too much out of pocket.

Final Words

Before you seek Singaporean citizenship, know exactly what that entails for you. Be sure to look up the different pathways for becoming a PR and then a citizen— for example, through Singapore’s citizenship by investment programme. Take note as well that Singapore does not allow dual citizenship, and earning citizen status in Singapore means that you will have to renounce your citizenship in your country of origin.

All things considered, earning citizenship status in Singapore may be the best possible outcome for you and your family. Upon finally becoming Singapore citizens, go ahead and celebrate the various privileges that come with your status—but remember to do your part in contributing to Singapore’s growth and development through good citizenship.

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