An Escape to Bangkok Simple Life

The longer I live in Bangkok the more life becomes ordinary. Surroundings appear normal and routine repetitive. As with any lifestyle this is inevitable. Nothing stays new forever. While I don’t think I can bore of my Bangkok lifestyle I do at times enjoy to escape it. Today was one of them days. It doesn’t take much to escape my lifestyle. I don’t even need to escape Bangkok. A short taxi from the skyscrapers finds a charming Bangkok simple life. A simple life I often forget.

Where to Find Bangkok Simple Life?

It is amazing the contrast of a short 120 Baht taxi ride. Teak houses replace skyscrapers, pedal bikes replace cars and authenticity replaces westernisation. While simple life exists in central Bangkok it is easily overshadowed by westernization. Today we are in Suksan Pattana Village. One of thousands of Bangkok communities. People are a lot happier here or at least people smile more. Prices are also cheaper which is the reason for us being here. Fanfan’s cheap hair treatments (5 Hours worth). With time to spare I poke around in the local village. I get a foot scrub and Thai massage (150 Baht) and Google in an internet cafe (15 Baht).

Simple Bangkok Communities

What I love about Bangkok simple life is the community aspect. Each home with their own trade. Family-run from a converted house front. With my massage granny sits in the next room watching hilarious slapstick comedy on Thai TV. The girls in the hairdressers gather to watch bitching and slapping on the latest Thai soap opera. The guy at the internet cafe walks around in his bright blue boxer shorts. Slightly surreal for a visitor. The main draw for me to the Bangkok simple life is the cooking. Every house and shop front either preparing, cooking or eating food. Thai people are food-obsessed. I eat at a Khao Man Kai restaurant (30 Baht) and grab sticks of moo ping (3 for 20 Baht).

The Local Temple

With every community comes a neighbouring temple. The perfect place to waste time. The temple here is Wat Phrasri Mahathat Woramahawiharn. Lots of monks and activity today in the cremation compound with a number of funerals taking place.

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