Sharing one of Fanfan’s personal passions given this whole blog actually began as a design-focused travel blog when Fanfan was completing her degree in ‘interior design’ (Applied Arts). As it all links into our obsession with boutique travel and design hotels.

Anyway, we’re looking here at how interior design in hotels and accommodation can lower the environmental impact and the opportunities for remodelling and redecorating interiors. The market today is full of sustainable products, like energy-efficient windows and lantern roofs, which can make your place trendy and eco-friendly, so whether you are making something new, or just renovating the current one, these five simple design ideas can spruce up a space in a jiffy.

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Establish a Sustainable Strategy

Make sure your suppliers are operating their business in a sustainable way. This could be by conserving natural resources and minimising the use of energy and water. Wherever possible, use renewable materials that have been duly certified by environmental agencies and encourage your supplier to follow these priorities as well.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

The natural light which comes from the windows brightens up the home in a big way. That said, this light source can make a serious dent on the air conditioning electricity bills if not properly oriented. The house should ideally have few windows on the east and west-facing sides since it will be tough to control the heat when the sun is low. A cheaper alternative is to add tints to keep the house cool, provide more privacy and protect the interior from UV damage.


Once the penchant of the rich and wealthy, orangeries was erected by them to safeguard and protect the fruit they grew during the winter season. While most are still used for the original purpose, the modern orangery provides an extension to your living room into your garden in order to provide a harmonious setting that will not date. Providing shade in the summer and warmth in the cold weather, the orangery serves as a truly special room round the year.

Install Roof Lanterns

A natural source of light is a welcome element in every home. It not only brightens up the interiors, it gives a modern touch to it as well. Once considered only for garden houses, lantern roofs have today made their way into modern architecture. Apart from a range of health benefits, installing roof lights can eliminate the need of putting up large windows on the walls, thereby saving more wall space in the living room.


Adding a conservatory to the house provides some much-needed space to eat, read or lounge while soaking up the rays of the sun. It relays a sense of being in the open, even when the weather is playing spoilsport. Additionally, the natural light in the conservatory makes for an excellent place to grow some pretty plants. These days, sustainable design and technology have made the once traditional conservatory into a modern relaxed living space by just putting up a performance glass extension.

From building a vegetable garden to installing solar panels, eco-friendly and sustainable design techniques are being utilised more and more to avoid making a diverse effect by keeping everything green. We hope these tips will help you in providing a beneficial approach to your sustainable interior design project, without leaving any imprints on the environment.

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