What Type of Luggage Is Best For Travelling?

One of the gravest mistakes that we constantly and relentlessly do over and over is picking out the wrong backpacks. Here’s a scenario that most of you are probably familiar with: your backpack gets torn, you go to a sports equipment shop and buy a good looking one, a couple of months later it gets torn, so you repeat the process. Now, obviously, something is wrong here. The reason you’re running through backpacks is that you’re not choosing the right one for your needs. 

Not only that, but this is also the reason why whenever you start using a bag for a longer period than a walk down the block – which shouldn’t even be a problem – you start contemplating visiting a chiropractor. With that being said, how can anyone travel with a backpack like that? What’s more, why do we keep making the same stupid mistake? When we asked a bunch of people, we realized that nobody even knows how essential a cosy backpack is, to begin with. Which is why this is where we need to start. So, how can a backpack affect your trip?

We’re going to go over why it dictates several choices:

Why A Cozy Backpack Is Essential When Travelling

Where You Go

Think about it this way, if you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to be visiting a lot of places. Why? Because the bag on your back will slowly turn into a pain that drains the life out of you. Within an hour, you’ll be begging for anyone to take you back to your hotel room. Now, because when travelling there is no doubt that you’ll want to see as many attractions as possible, the need for a comfortable pack is not even a matter of discussion. It is the best way to make the most out of a trip.

That way, you’ll be able to carry as much stuff as you want, for as long as you want without damaging your body. Let’s take Barcelona as an example; would you be able to spend a morning at the Sagrada Familia cathedral, then go for a tour at the F.C. Barcelona Museum about 7 km away, and finally, travel 6 km to catch a sunset at the Castle of Montjuïc? If you have a travel pack with an uncomfortable frame that does nothing but dig into your back, there is no way in hell you’d be able to do so. 

On the contrary, with a frame that’s suitable for your back and a design that distributes the weight all across your body, you’d be able to visit more places, and on top of them, a supermarket to get some groceries on the way back to your residence.

What You Do

A comfier travel bag means that you’d be able to do more activities, not just visit many places. The less tired you are, the more physically engaging activities you’d be willing to participate in; it only adds up to the amount of fun you’ll be having. So, your choice of backpack should be based on the activities you want to participate in. According to Matthew Karsten, a professional backpacker, when choosing travel backpacks, you should take into account the product’s weight, size and capacity, as well as, strap type. But, what’s the extent of a bag’s influence in that area? 

If you’re going hiking, isn’t it essential to pack enough water, food, and clothes? Not to mention, camera equipment and the other extras. With a big enough pack that’s fitted with padded shoulder straps, proper packing won’t be a big deal, right? You could go on as long of a hiking trail as you like. On the other hand, think of the compromises you’ll have to make if, when carrying a heavy load, your backpack’s straps dig into your shoulders like a medieval beast of burden. By the end of the trip, you might actually need to see a chiropractor when you get back.

Why A Cozy Backpack Is Essential When Travelling

Your Means of Transport

When do you feel the effect of a travel bag the most? Isn’t it when you’re on foot? With a backpack from hell, would you ever decide to take the longer route so you could check out more scenery? Would you ever choose to use the subway just like the locals? Would you walk through flea markets and local restaurants? No.

You’re going to find yourself constantly hailing cabs, taking shorter routes and eating at plain ol’ fast-food chains. A big fat bag that supports back pain instead of backbones is just going to drive you towards the most comfortable means of transport, not the most fun and adventurous.

How Much You Enjoy Your Trip

Despite addressing this point throughout the article, there is still something left to say. When you’re travelling, it is really important that you’re relaxed; a healthy and comfortable traveller is a happy traveller. That’s where the role of a comfortable backpack comes in. It makes sure that you stay in good physical shape throughout your trip. Having fun, taking pictures, having life-changing conversations, and just general vacationing can be a tad difficult when every inch of your body hurts.

If you’ve had a bad experience with a bag before, you’d know how painful it is to wake up after an entire day of schlepping it around town. The entirety of the muscle groups in your back, your shoulders and neck, in addition to, your lower back is going to hurt like never before. How do you enjoy a trip like that? Take into consideration that you’ll be having to carry the same burden all throughout the trip; it only gets harder. After all, comfort is an essential factor.

The Bigger Picture

Now, for the question that’s probably been plaguing you throughout this entire read: isn’t a comfier backpack gonna break the bank? The answer is no. Do you realize how much money you’ll save on cabs, regularly changing backpacks, and most of all, clinic visits? If you look at the bigger picture, you’ll realize that a high-quality bag is nothing short of an investment. Seriously, would you rather risk damaging your back, ruining countless beautiful moments, and sacrificing your fun? Or pay 20 extra bucks for a decent backpack? Trust us, it’s a simple equation. 

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