5 Awe Inspiring Ways Visiting Asia Can Change Your Life for the Better

Traveling can benefit you in many ways and help you live a life filled with learning, adventure, and excitement. The anticipation you feel during the days or weeks before a vacation can be just as exciting as the vacation itself. Traveling to a new and exciting place can improve your performance at work, decrease anxiety, help your remove yourself from stressful situations, and connect you with new people.

Visiting new or favorite places in your country is great, but it can be exhilarating to travel abroad. There are many beautiful and fascinating countries, and deciding which one to visit first can be overwhelming. But as you start researching and planning, your eyes should settle on Asia.

With over half of the world’s population living there, Asia is the best continent to start exploring. Not only will you create lasting memories and fun stories, but experiencing Asia can change your life. From Thailand to Malaysia and from Hong Kong to Singapore, here are five ways visiting Asia can make you feel like a new person and give you a better perspective on life. 

Observing the Natural Beauty

There are many beautiful wonders in the world, with several located in Asia. The Great Wall of China is a man-made structure stretching over 5,000 miles that draws tourists from every corner of the earth. The Himalayas of Nepal contain the highest portion of the most impressive mountain range in the world. Imagine the view!

But the country of Malaysia is a site to see in itself. It has a beautiful city that hosts the popular Petronas Twin Towers, but it also features several tropical islands with beautiful landscapes and relaxing beaches. Whether you’re alone or with a group, experiencing these views can elevate your senses and show you a part of life you’ve never seen before. 

Freezing Temperatures and Warm Clothes, Great Wall of China in Winter, Beijing Badaling

Observing the Architecture

Asian architecture is heavily rooted in religion, with Hinduism and Buddhism being the most prominent doctrines in the region. Symbolism is common in Asia architecture. Southeast Asia has some of the most amazing places to observe architecture, with religious and residential buildings that will take your breath away.

The Buddhist temples have intricate roofs with oriental designs you can stare at for hours. Observing the many temples and buildings is like walking through a fine art museum with the beautiful cities on display. 

Ordination Hall, Book Living in Thailand Isaan: Potato in a Rice Field

Studying the Wildlife

You will find an extensive range of animals in Asia. Malaysia has several national parks and forests you can visit to explore wildlife. Asia is home to many familiar animals, and you will also enjoy seeing some exotic animals like the Asian water monitor and the proboscis monkey.

Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, and the Phillippines are some of the best places to explore wildlife. Whether you love animals or not, the interesting creatures you will find in the parks and forests of Asia will be insightful and leave you wanting to see more. 

Silvery Langur Baby, Snorkelling at Perhentian Islands Resort, Malaysia

Enjoying the Amazing Food

You can probably say that you have had Asian food before. But if you haven’t had food in Asia, you’re missing something special. Asia has a very diverse culture, with several countries like Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, and Indonesia contributing their own cultural norms within one rich continent. With over 60 percent of the world’s population living there, you can imagine how eclectic the food scene can be.

You have not truly lived until you’ve had Edomae sushi from Japan or sweet and sour pork with pineapple buns from Hong Kong. The flavors, the sights, and the people will draw you into Asia and be hesitant to let you go.

Japanese food is usually healthier than other cuisines, as it involves steamed vegetables and ramen with meat as a side dish. But as you tour the continent, you will not be short on options. You can try authentic Indian curries, Korean barbecues, Chinese Hot Pots, or Turkish kebabs. The possibilities are endless, and you will absolutely love trying them all. You will also return home with a more eclectic food palate, and maybe even a smaller waistline!

Allan Wilson, Dusit Princess Korat Hotel. Gateway to Isaan Northeast Thailand

Immersing into the Rich Culture

The food, scenery, tourist attractions, and architecture can provide amazing experiences. But the best thing about Asian culture is the people. When you visit Asia, you should immerse yourself in the way the people live. You can read books, study blogs, and watch videos about Asian culture, but it’s nothing like meeting and talking to people yourself.

Take the time to observe and engage in the customs. Asians show much respect to the older generation. They also greet each other with a bow or nod of the head and remove their shoes before entering a building. Showing a genuine interest in their cultural norms will help you connect with people and leave happily enlightened. 

Family Ceremony, Living Like a Local in Bangkok:

Final Thoughts

Asia is the largest continent in the world and is home to over half of the world’s population. It is also one of the most visited places, with many tourist attractions. Traveling abroad, in general, can have a profound effect on your life and how you view the world. But traveling to Asia can be inspiring and life-changing.

Observing the continent’s natural beauty, studying the wildlife, and enjoying amazing food can make you fall in love with Asia and never want to leave. You can also get lost in the beauty of the architecture and by immersing yourself in the culture. It will truly be the trip of a lifetime, and you will find ways to take a little piece of Asia home with you. 

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