How to visit Mont Saint Michel in a Day?

Mont Saint Michel witnesses millions of pilgrims and tourists every year from far and wide. The original medieval fortress is undoubtedly the most famous tourist attractions of France. UNESCO listed, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful wonders of the West.

Mont-Saint- Michel is an ideal choice for a day trip because of its location between Normandy and Brittany. It is about a three-hour drive away from Paris, and driving is probably the easiest way of visiting the tiny medieval island as we did all the way from Northern Ireland. As we did on our last visit. However, as the large pointy monastery is extremely tidal, it is accessible only at low tide. Also, we were unfortunate when we arrived on an unlikely foggy day in summer.

There are plenty of Mont Saint Michel day tours to pick from Paris, and it is best to arrive as early as possible. Buy the ticket well in advance, and as you cannot drive all the way to Mont Saint Michel, you need to park your car about 2.5 km away and get on the free shuttle. Look for one of the best day tours that fit your needs and schedule. On the way, be wary of the infamous French toll roads, so do some research beforehand to avoid those toll roads.

Mont Saint-Michel

 The only way to enter the medieval fortress and make your way to the famous Abbey is to walk up the main street. The massive structure of the Abbey is indeed a piece of an engineering marvel.

  • The Abbey & monastery, which has been around since the 8th century, is the highlight of the trip. Discover its church, refectory, cloister, refectory, and host hall. The Abbey & monastery, which has been around since the 8th century, is the highlight of the trip.
  • The abbey church is about 80 meters long and perched on top of this tiny island. The prettiest feature of the Abbey & monastery is its cloister that was built in the 13th century. It connects the different sections of the Abbey and was designed as a meeting spot for meditation or ceremonies.
  • Explore the massive room of the Guest’s Hall, which was room for hosting royals and nobles. Do not miss out on that giant fireplace. Later you can visit the crypts that were primarily built to support the rooms above. Have a close look at the massive wheel.
  • Knight’s Hall is the last stop, and it is a huge room located right below the cloisters. It was here that the monks gathered to study and for discussions.
  • Go further to walk along the old ramparts, and from here you can enjoy beautiful views of the bay and the main streets as well as the great views of the town below.
  • Lunch at the fabulous La Mère Poulard restaurant is another highlight of the trip. Those souffle style giant omelettes are another reason why visitors flock to Mont Saint Michel.
  • On the way, you would come across loads and loads of souvenir shops and unofficial museums that try to grab your attention. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants where you can take some breaks.
  • Spend quality time at the Abbey and take photos wherever you find the time and the reason. After all, there are picturesque spots at every other corner.
  • Once you have completed the tour, head back to the parking lot. You can explore some shops here selling local delights like cider. Look behind to enjoy some distant perspectives of Mont Saint Michel.

Visiting Mont Saint Michel is indeed like a dream come true. Although the place is small but immensely popular and the growing demand for Mont Saint Michel day tours is a testimony of the increasing popularity.

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