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Feel free to contact us with any questions or queries regarding lifestyle and travel in Asia. We will happily help where we can. Our contact email is For partnership and travel advertising in Bangkok and Asia continue below.

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To enable our lifestyle and travel we must always consider travel advertising and partnership opportunities (consider does not mean accept). Live Less Ordinary was created for purpose not profit and we therefore only accept travel advertising in line with our niche and interests and only from businesses we believe benefit the customer and our target audience. We promote ethical and responsible tourism and will only promote those who do the same. We accept lifestyle and travel advertising for Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia and Asia and our niche follows unique hotel experiences, cultural learning and food tourism. We may also consider relevant advertising matched with other blog content on Live Less Ordinary. Our interests include living in Bangkok and Southeast Asia, boutique travel, new tourism and food tourism. Anything unique, interesting and less ordinary contact

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 Simplified Stats

Our blog is multi-award winning (including Wanderlust UK) and is recognised by many of the big travel influencers in our region and niche. We have a strong following of English speakers in the USA, the UK and Southeast Asia (predominantly Thailand). Full website statistics here. Simple stats below:

  • Google Pagerank – 3
  • Monthly Page Views – 35,000+
  • Monthly Unique Visitors – 20,000+
  • Facebook Followers – 10,000+
  • Twitter Followers – 7,000+
  • Instagram Followers – 1,000+
  • Klout – 65+

Feel free to contact us with partnerships or other opportunities (

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