Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong

To truly experience the culture of a place, you have to eat their food! And Hong Kong, although very close to China, does have an entirely different food experience. Therefore, with not only limited time when you travel, but stomach space as well, I have whittled down my Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong to try on any visit.

Allan Wilson Asia Travel, Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong Food Noodle Soups, Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong Food

1. Dim Sum

Commonly known as “yum cha,” which literally translates to drinking tea, it’s an ancient Chinese tradition referring to eating bite-sized dim sum dishes with hot tea. Although you can also get a great cup of coffee in Hong Kong as well, it’s a common tradition in the south of China to eat dim sum and drink tea for breakfast. Dim Sum dishes can range anything from dumpling like dishes, such as the common shrimp shumai, to chicken feet, all severed in small dished to be shared. Make sure you join in the morning hustle and bustle at a local yum cha restaurant in Hong Kong.

Dim Sum Bites, Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong Food Green Shrimp Shumai, Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong Food

2. Beef Brisket Noodles

In Hong Kong, you’ll find arguably the best beef briskets in the world. Slow cooked and seasoned to perfection. Hong Kong’s best brisket restaurants have been opened for over 90 years, giving them plenty of time to master the art of beef brisket. The most common style in Hong Kong is served over a mound of noodles and a rich Chinese spice broth.

3. Char siu

You haven’t had barbecue pork until you tried char siu, a classic Cantonese style of barbecue pork, where the meat has been marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, hoisin sauce, sugar and a seasoning blend that varies. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how moist and flavourful the meat can be and for me it will always be the best filling to my favourite bao bun.

Char Sui red pork, Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong Food Salapao Moo Daeng, Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong Food

4. Roast Goose

Roast Goose is one of the more unique dishes you’ll want to try in Hong Kong, and every restaurant makes it a bit differently, due to how secret the blend of spices are, which usually include over 20 different spices!  After marinated, it’s charcoal roasted to a golden perfection, creating perfect bites of crispy skin and juicy meat.

5. Curry Fish Ball

One of the staple foods of Hong Kong is curry fish balls which I first fell in love with when eating in Macau. You’ll find everywhere from local food stalls, and restaurants, to the local Circle K convenience stores. It’s a perfect snack for on the go and between meals and, if not a fish ball fan, there are always wider alternatives, like sausages, and meatballs and, more than not beef offal. I will always ask for extra curry, and then drink the remainder from the tub. So what are some of the other foods you’re looking forward to eating in Hong Kong?

Cantonese Curry, Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong Food Fish Ball Curry Sauce, Top 5 Must Eats in Hong Kong Food

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