Thailand’s Gaming Culture: An Overview

Thailand is a country that has a rich and diverse culture, and its gaming culture is no exception. From traditional games to modern online gaming, Thailand has a thriving gaming scene that is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. In this article, we will provide an overview of Thailand’s gaming culture, including its history, popular games, and the impact of gaming on society.

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History of Gaming in Thailand

Gaming has a long history in Thailand, with traditional games dating back centuries. One of the most popular traditional games is known as “Makruk,” a board game similar to chess that is played throughout the country. Another popular traditional game is “Sipa,” (similar to Sepak Takraw) which involves kicking a rattan ball around a circle.

In the modern era, video gaming first gained popularity in Thailand during the 1980s with the introduction of arcade games. Thai people were quick to adopt the new technology, and arcade game centres quickly sprung up in shopping malls and entertainment complexes. Gaming extends from things like board games and online gaming to include gambling. These centres offered a social space for young people to gather, play games, and compete against each other. Nowadays, Bangkok is considered a city with a gambling culture that attracts visitors from all around the world who want to enjoy a special gambling experience.

As technology advanced, so did the gaming industry in Thailand. With the introduction of home gaming consoles and personal computers, gaming became more accessible to a wider audience. Today, Thailand has a thriving gaming industry that encompasses traditional games, mobile games, PC games, and console games. Due to the popularity of gaming worldwide, this industry is not slowing down any time soon, and it is likely to expand even more in the years to come.

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Popular Games in Thailand

There are a number of popular games that many people enjoy playing, from traditional games that can be played with friends at home or in parks to games that involve some sort of device. These include mobile games, PC games, and console games.

Traditional Games

As mentioned earlier, traditional games such as Makruk and Sipa are still popular in Thailand today. Makruk is often played in public parks and on street corners, and competitions are held regularly throughout the country. Sipa, on the other hand, is often played by children and teenagers as a form of exercise and social activity.

Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is extremely popular in Thailand, with millions of people playing games on their smartphones and tablets every day. Mobile games are extremely convenient for people that don’t have a lot of time or money to either purchase a console or PC or spend a lot of time travelling.

For example, if you only really have spare time whilst travelling to work, then mobile games are the perfect form of entertainment. You can open the game on your phone and quickly put it away when you need to continue with your day. Popular games in Thailand include Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and Mobile Legends. These games are often played in cafes and gaming centres, where players can compete against each other and socialize with like-minded individuals.

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PC Games

PC gaming is also popular in Thailand, with games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being played competitively. Esports tournaments and competitions are held regularly throughout the country, with prize pools that reach 7 digits. Thousands of fans attend these tournaments to cheer on their favourite team as they go head-to-head against their opponents.

Console Games

Console gaming is less popular in Thailand compared to other forms of gaming, but it still has a dedicated following. Popular console games in Thailand include FIFA, NBA 2K, and Grand Theft Auto. Console games are often played at home with friends and family rather than in public spaces.

Impact of Gaming on Society

Gaming has had a significant impact on society in Thailand. It has provided a social outlet for young people, allowing them to connect with like-minded individuals and form friendships. Gaming has also created job opportunities in the country, with the growth of the gaming industry leading to an increase in demand for game developers, designers, and technicians.

For a small number of people that are exceedingly good at a certain game, they have the potential for a career playing games competitively. Those that make it to the highest level of competitive gaming can join teams and be given a salary to compete throughout the year. These players often have fans that cheer them on every game and have a status similar to other celebrities.


In conclusion, Thailand’s gaming culture is a vibrant and dynamic scene that encompasses traditional games, mobile games, PC games, and console games. The future of gaming in Thailand is looking bright as the industry continues to grow and evolve. One area of growth is mobile gaming, which is expected to become significantly more popular in the coming years due to the widespread availability of smartphones and affordable data plans.

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