Thailand as a Study Destination

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and covers an area of over 500,000 square kilometres. It has become a popular study destination for foreign students. They appreciate the combination of modernism with tradition and the chance to experience some exotic scenery. 

Over 20,000 international students study in Thailand every year, where they have access to some great academic opportunities. It also gives them the opportunity for cultural growth and personal development. 


Well-organized higher education 

Higher education in Thailand is well-organized, systematic and comprehensive. The system aims for the overall development of students and professionals as well as intellectual growth. Students can do more than 1000 global courses at Thai universities. They can study for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctorate. 

There are basically four different types of higher education institutions in Thailand. These are four-year universities, research and postgraduate educational institutions, specialized universities and community colleges.

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Many housing options

There are many housing options for students, and they come with varying price tags depending on factors like location. A number of universities offer hostels, dormitories and halls of residence for students for a small fee. Private apartments or flats close to a university may be available as rentals. Students can also opt to share accommodation and all the expenses. 

Thai families will readily welcome foreign students into their homes. Many study abroad programs will arrange for students to stay with a host family. This may be for the long term or for a weekend. Staying with a Thai family is an unforgettable experience. If students return to Thailand later on in life, they will find they are still welcome in the homes of the hosts they lived with. 


Affordable food

In Thailand, students can live on delicious foods at a reasonable cost. The cuisine mixes spicy, sour, sweet, and salty flavors. Eating food from a street stall is very affordable. You won’t ever go hungry when getting your education in Thailand. 

Street stalls and open-air, casual restaurants are cheaper than eating in a hotel or an air-conditioned restaurant. Even in upscale restaurants, the food is relatively cheap compared with the cost of this in many other countries. 

Convenient and affordable travel options

From the oceans and islands of the south to the northern mountains, Thailand is a stunning country to explore. Students can experience a diverse array of ecosystems, from mudflats and forests to coral reefs and lowlands. They will have plenty to do on their weekends and breaks. They can make use of trains and buses or hire a tuk-tuk or bicycle to explore locally. All of these transport options are affordable. 

Immersion in a rich culture

Studying abroad can offer students more opportunities to interact with locals than they would do as tourists. They can experience first-hand how the Thai people live and experience their rich, deep culture. The Thai people are very friendly, and relationships have a high value for them. Once they form a friendship, it is forever. 

Understand more about the Buddhist religion

It is interesting to observe modern architecture and large shopping malls interspersed with Buddhist temples. Buddhist beliefs and rituals are integrated into Thai daily life. As much as 98% of Thais profess to follow Buddhism. Students can visit the temples and gain a deeper understanding of Buddhism’s role in Thai culture. 

Learn a foreign language

If you’re studying in Thailand, it will help you to take some Thai language classes. This will help you to converse with Thai people and learn more about their culture. You will gain a deeper appreciation of those who speak the language. 

It will also challenge you and stretch your brain. You can add the language to your resume. You may even decide to take a job in Thailand after your studies if you manage to master the language. 


It’s a great adventure for foreign students to study in Thailand. They will not only have access to a high standard of education but find they develop personally, too. They will benefit from the affordable cost of living. Food, accommodation and transport are much cheaper than in many other countries. They have opportunities to travel and explore, and the Thai people make very hospitable hosts. 

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