Winter in the South Caucasus

Each season paints the forests and mountains of the South Caucasus in bright and fascinating colors, making the region a great place for traveling and recreation. Today we’d like to tell you about exciting winter activities in Armenia and Georgia – two bright and hospitable countries of the South Caucasus.

Ski Resorts in Georgia

The nature of Georgia is so diverse and lush: there are dense forests, snow-capped mountains, fertile meadows, stormy rivers, and beautiful pebble beaches.

So, today we will tell you about the best ski resorts in the country. The ski season here lasts from November to March, pleasing fans of outdoor activities with snow. So, which ski resort is better to choose in Georgia? We can mark two major popular resorts among tourists: Bakuriani and Gudauri.

Gudauri is a super modern resort with all the fashionable high-tech twists. The young generation is in love with the professional slopes of Mount Sadzele and Kudebi. The lowest lift is located at an altitude of 1990 m, the highest point is 3307 m. The length of the four-chair lifts is about 2310 m. One of the main features of Gudauri is the freeride track, where the lovers of extreme sports can enjoy skiing from 4200 m.

In Gudauri, everything is thought out for an unforgettable rest – comfortable hotels, cafes, restaurants with traditional cuisine and much more.

Bakuriani Winter in the South Caucasus Bakuriani Winter in the South Caucasus

The second most popular ski resort in Georgia is Bakuriani which was one of the first in the Caucasus. Moderate cold, warm sun rays, stable snow cover from November to March – all this is waiting for the guests in Bakuriani.

Bakuriani is located on the slopes of Kokhta Mountain. From the top point (2200m) the slopes are divided into two routes. Kohta – 1 with a length of 1.5 km is suitable for more professional skiers. Kohta – 2 is divided into a red zone for confident skiers and blue zone for a comfortable ride. In addition, there is a separate route for beginners. On the slopes, there are a chairlift and tow rope-ways.

Bakuriani is an ideal place for active rest and nothing more. There are also short excursion to nearby sights including Lake Tabatskuri, the monastery of Timotesubani, mineral resorts Borzhomi and the cave city of Vardzia.

Ski resorts in Armenia

Armenia is no less beautiful country in the South Caucasus. In summer and autumn, the country is an excellent place for cognitive tours and adventure travel (especially popular is hiking in Armenia). In winter the country turns into an attractive place for skiers due to the popular ski resort – Tsakhkadzor. Guests from neighboring countries and the lovers of extreme sports from around the world gather here to get extra impressions and adrenaline.

In Tsaghkadzor, the ski season starts from December and lasts until March. Heavy snow and sunny weather is ideal for recreation and skiing. In a short time, Tsaghkadzor has turned into a modern tourist center. The slopes of Mount Teghenis are ideal for skiing and snowboarding. The height of the upper point is 2819 meters. The slopes are divided into three lines according to difficulty levels, the total number of routes is 15. The blue and green stripes are suitable for beginners, self-confident athletes can choose red and black stripes.

You can get to the slopes on the modern LEITNER ropeway which has three lifts. The total length of the ropeway is 4200 meters. You can reach the upper routes by changing the lifts without taking off the equipment. By the way, if you do not have any equipment for skiing you’ll be able to rent anything you need before the entrance to the ski zone.

What about the hotels? There are both chic five-star hotels and affordable guesthouses in Tsaghkadzor. During the hot season, it is advised to book rooms in advance.

Gudauri2 Winter in the South Caucasus Tsakhkadzor Winter in the South Caucasus

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  1. Both countries are worth visiting. I have visited Armenia and Georgia for 2 weeks last year and I can truly say that it was one of my best trips so far.

  2. I traveled to Georgia last winter and that was definitely an experience of a lifetime! With its’ variety of routes and perfect weather, Bakuriani is the best ski resort I’ve ever been to so far.

  3. I’m a snowboarder. Last year I went to Georgia. In Gudauri it’s very cool. This year we flew to Tsaghkadzor, already bought tickets and booked a hotel. Traveling to ski resorts are always good memories

  4. Rest in Georgia is perhaps the most optimal option, if you consider a family vacation and for fans of mountain skiing, the prices in hotels and restaurants will not upset you, sometimes even please, here everything is provided for your holiday, you will discover a lot of interesting things for yourself.

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