Securing the Home Before Travel

With travel and our somewhat nomadic lifestyle, we found ourselves split between the two continents, with bases on each side of the world. Then add in the housesitting, which can be great at times for experiencing new destinations, but we are kind of the go-to couple with family and friends, to take care of homes and houses while they are away. And this does get annoying, as we ended up housesitting for near 6 months last year, while everyone else was off enjoying their own travels. Anyway, while we have a somewhat nomadic lifestyle, we also have own property in our city condo as well as our home in Isaan, which inevitably become responsibilities while we are elsewhere. As it is necessary to ensure they’re safe and secure while travelling for long periods. So every time we leave, we must make sure our smoke alarms are fully charged so that our properties don’t burn down while away. And the water must be turned off from the main so water pressure doesn’t build-up, and explode, and flood the place. Also, all electrics need to be unplugged before leaving as well.

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Be Aware of Burglars

Of course there will also be the risk of burglary, which can be deterred by a burglar alarm, however, there will never be a full guarantee that this will happen. Therefore, we always ensure through a handful of simple techniques, that our home stays safe and secure. 

  • We trim down hedges. As tall hedges and fences give burglars cover to hide behind. And maybe cut your grass.
  • We have enhanced all doors and windows which also shows the household is safety conscious from the get-go. 
  • We tell as few people as possible about travels ahead.
  • We don’t share all our fancy photographs through social media until our return.
  • We always rely on one trusted person (or neighbourhood watch) in case of emergencies.
  • We also take a look over the home and garden for anything lying around that could be used to facilitate a break in e.g. chairs and ladders.
  • Also, cancel milk deliveries, or newspapers, or anything that may be left a long time at the front porch or doorstep. A build-up of junk mail is always a tell-tale sign of an empty house.

It’s also best to set-out a tick-list (we have one at hand to print every time) and be sure it’s all sorted the day before leaving. Otherwise you may be stuck with worries and paranoia for the entire time that you’re away.   

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