Reasons to Consider Asia for your next Cruise Holiday

There are some very good reasons as to why Asia is fast becoming popular among cruisers. After all, the journey on the seas offers a unique perspective of Asia and its countries and coasts to the cruisers. There is something special about being out there in the big blue that makes the journey an experience in itself. After all, it is hard to resist the charms of Asia that are loaded with endless attractions near the coast or in the cities with majestic palaces, colourful temples, and exotic food.

How to choose your Cruise ship

Perhaps one of the best ways to cruise Asian seas is on a luxury ship or yacht. These exceptional luxury cruises for Asia deliver quality and have been designed for excellence. Check them out if looking to enjoy the exotic appeal of diverse Asian cultures. Ponant cruises plan some unique stopovers that introduce you to the captivating history and ancient traditions of the continent. Sail through the unspoiled archipelagos and along the coasts well known for their pristine beauty and discover the precious treasures of the complex Asian culture.

Reasons to cruise Asia for your next holiday

Why crossing Asia makes more sense is that one doesn’t have to lift a finger to plan anything and can explore multiple countries and cities of Asia with ease. You could cover Japan, Korea, China in one go, and without the cumbersome procedures of crossing different borders. No need to wait in long queues at the airport or customs and no need for packing and unpacking, as your cruise ship is your base camp. Cruise holidays come pretty close when it comes to designing an itinerary for different travelling styles. There are plenty of activities on the ship itself to keep everyone happy and occupied.

  1. Explore the Indonesian Archipelago as you sail from Singapore to Darwin on an exclusive itinerary developed by Ponant. Discover Indonesia and it’s melting pot of rich and diverse cultures. Get a refreshing change from holidaying amidst the skyscrapers and crowds and sail amidst the in the comforts of your luxury cruise ship.
  2. Discover the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, on an exceptional itinerary with Ponant.  You could be enjoying the Sakura season today and two days later the street food in Myeongdong. Experience the daintiness of the geishas and learn the history of the samurai side by side as you board your ship for Asia this season.
  3. Cruise around China and explore the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square or climb the Great Wall. Encounter age-old civilizations during the cruise from Japan to China as you sail on an 8-day cruise with Ponant. Cruise around China and the Far East for an unforgettable experience.
  4. Explore the best of Asia and India on a cruise that takes you through the Bay of Bengal, from Sri Lanka to Singapore. You are sure to get mesmerized by the Buddhist and Hindu traditions of India and Sri Lanka. Ponant cruise operators offer a lot more than just luxurious experience as you unlock a plethora of outings in Asia as well as recreational activities within the ship’s confines.

Sail the Asian seas this season, and do not forget to buy your travel insurance before you set sail. Travel on a cruise that takes you to a different country, city, or an island every day.  Enjoy some excellent beaches, great snorkelling, and exotic food. You could even ask for one-country cruises based on your choice and preferences.  Each and every day indeed become a unique experience, and what you come back with is a load of lifetime memories.

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