Places to Visit in Paro, Bhutan

Paro is indeed a true Bhutanese gem because of its untainted wilderness and historic ruins of sacred sites. The quaint little town and its beautiful valleys are sure to leave you enticed as it captures your mind and senses with its rich culture and scenic beauty. Home to ancient temples and monasteries, it is one of the most fertile as well as the picturesque valley of Bhutan.

Paro is well famous for significant sites and many places of touristic interests. Dotted with stunning sights, there is a lot to do and see in Paro and it’s a crowned jewel of Bhutan Tourism.

Local Life Places to Visit in Paro, Bhutan T

Ta Dzong

Ta Dzong runs as the National Museum of Bhutan today and showcases a fascinating collection of ancient art, relics, and religious thangkha paintings as well as exquisite postage stamps. In early times, it served as a watch tower during the 17th century, to defend Rinpung Dozng valley. Explore the circular museum with several floors displaying varied collection.

Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang Temple

The Buddhist temple is sure to fascinate you, especially if you take an interest in folktales. There are several local legends attached to the Lhakhang Temple that was made by the saint Thangtong Gyalpo in1421. The uniqueness of this stupa-temple is that it carries the unusual shape of a chorten and the beautiful Buddhist iconography depicted on the chorten is sure to mesmerize you.

Kyichu Lhakhang

Dating back to 7th century, Kyichu Lhakhang is one of the oldest sacred shrines of the Kingdom. The complex of the shrine is made of two temples. The first temple was built in the 7th century by Tibetan King, Songtsen Gampo and later by the Queen Mother of Bhutan in 1968. However, the second temple still remains in its original form.

Chele La Pass

The mountainous landscape of Bhutan is connected through a number of passes, and Chele La Pass is one of its well-known passes. The highest road pass is located at more than3800 m above sea level amidst the dramatic terrain between the scenic valleys of Paro and Haa. One can drive or hike through the Chele La Pass to enjoy the panoramic views of the valleys.

Tiger’s Nest

Another of the top tourist attractions in Paro is Tiger’s Nest and according to a legend it was intended to tame a tiger demon once. Visiting Tiger’s Nest is like an experience like none other, and it happens to be one of the well-known attraction of Bhutan. One can hike or ride to the breathtaking cliff-side monastery and get rewarded by majestic mountain views and the panoramic green valleys. This is a must do trek and surely helps to walk if you are budgeting in Bhutan.

Ugyen Pelri Palace

Ugyen Pelri Palace was built in the early 1900s. by the Paro Penlop Tsering Penjor. Located on the west of the Dzong, the secluded wooded compound has been designed after Zangto Pelri, the celestial paradise of Guru Rinpoche. If you are looking for the most stunning examples of Bhutanese architecture, you will find it here in Ugyen Pelri Palace.

Farm House

The beauty of Paro valley lies in those traditional village houses. It is must to visit one of those quaint Bhutanese farmhouses that have been traditionally built and are very colorful and decorative. What is unique about these houses is that these houses have been built without the use of a single nail and follow the same architectural design. Visit the traditional village houses to understand the lifestyle of a farmer.

Weekend Market

As no trip is complete without shopping, it is a must to explore the local weekend markets or the Sunday Markets where one will come across some splendid and interesting artifacts. You can try local Bhutanese flavors or have a look at the traditional dresses. Try out the dried yak cheese, chugo or the organic Tsirang honey.

Dried Yak Cheese, Himalayan Food, Eating in the Himalayas, Sikkim

Rnchen Pung Dzong

Rnchen Pung Dzong is the meeting place for the National Assembly and houses district government offices and the monastic body. It means ‘Fortress on a Heap of Jewels’ and lures locals and tourists because of its marvel architecture. The dzong has often protected Parofrom the invasion of Tibet. The dancers perform the various popular dance styles of tsechu outside the dzong.

Druk Choeding temple

Built by Ngawang Chogyel in 1525, the Druk Choeding temple is located in the main town of Paro. Known as Tshongdoe Naktsang, the 16th-century old temple preserves the ancient war artefacts. Gyenyen, Jampa is the local protector Gyenyen as well as the future Buddha. After visiting the temple, one can head for the local markets and enjoy Bhutanese local archery.

Airport Viewpoint

Landing at Paro is not so easy as not everyone is allowed to land at Paro and only a few pilots are certified to make a landing at the challenging airport of Paro. Thus, as you land here, you should know that you are making a special landing and enjoy the thrilling experience. So, enjoy the stunning scenic sights of the Himalayan ranges around as you touch the tiny airport and spend some time here to create memorable moments.

Namgay Artisanal Brewery

Paro boasts of its very own microbrewery, and some of its newer products are Bhutan Red Rice Lager and Bhutan Dark Ale. The crafts of the Namgay Artisanal Brewery are already a hit with the tourists as they are different from the conventional tastes. Made from the red rice, Bhutan Red Rice Lager is already very popular. Bhutan Dark Ale is little less trippy and made from the roasted, burnt grains.

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