5 Things to Look for in an Overseas Rehab Clinic

Taking the first steps to overcome personal substance abuse issues, or helping a loved one to do so, and seeking help from a professional rehab centre can be a confusing and nerve-inducing time. Many people decide to get help locally or at least in the same country as they live for convenience and to remain close to their support network. However, a good strategy for many is to remove themselves completely from not only their comfort zone but also any source of negative influence they may be experiencing at home. This is part of the reason that receiving treatment overseas has become so popular in recent years.

That being said, if you are considering an escape from normality in order to overcome your addiction problems then there are a few additional things that you need to consider before making a decision on an individual rehab clinic. So let’s go over a few of the more important factors that you should keep in mind.

1. Type of Treatment and Methodology

Choosing a rehab clinic in Thailand, or any other country, it is important that you learn about the methodology and treatment programmes of any centre you are considering using. It is important for the success of your recovery that you choose a rehabilitation clinic whose treatment programme will work best for you as an individual. No two addicts are truly the same and it’s important that any clinic, in whatever part of the world they are in, realize this. Any reputable clinic will be happy to run you through the core elements of their treatment methodology and should be honest about whether they think that you are a good fit.

Regardless of the location of a particular clinic and desire to travel to the place in question, your primary goal should be the treatment and resolution of your substance abuse issues. After all, why go to the trouble and expense of researching rehab clinics if what you really want is just a holiday?

2. Language and Location

Obviously, it goes without saying that you must find a rehab centre that offers treatment and counselling in your native language. Or at the least a language that you are fluent in. Finding this out should be relatively easy by examining the website and materials of the clinic you are looking at. Generally speaking, clinics that advertise to international clientele will usually speak multiple languages.

Now as we mentioned before, travelling overseas to get treatment for your addiction issues is all well and good, however, you must be focused on what is best for your recovery. Travelling to a location you have always wanted to visit is great, but if the treatment facilities are not up to par then you should rethink your decision if you are serious about resolving your addiction issues.

3. Reputation

Obviously, another important thing to examine when considering overseas rehab clinics is to look at an individual clinics reputation from previous residents and clients. Always go for reputable and well-reviewed clinics and study testimonials that should be found either on their website or elsewhere on the internet. It is also important you look at reviews from international clients. A clinic may have very good services and treatment for domestic clientele, however, your experience as a visitor to the country may be completely different.

The other thing to look at while doing this is the success stories and statistics that any successful rehabilitation centre should be more than happy to show off to potential clients. After all, it doesn’t matter about the location and amenities available if a clinics success rate is very low and your decision should reflect this.

4. Budget

Now naturally choosing to receive drug rehabilitation in Thailand or anywhere else overseas, will more than likely be a more expensive option to consider and you must consider whether this is something you can realistically afford. It is very possible that not only the treatment itself but the flights, transport and disposable cash you will need for your time at the clinic will be a significant expense compared to domestic treatment. Ultimately this decision comes down to you and whether you think there is value in travelling for your treatment.

It is not recommended that you borrow money or otherwise put yourself in debt to follow through with any plans to travel abroad for treatment. As these are things that you will ultimately have to resolve when you arrive home and could put undue stress on you while you are recovering independently. This could, in turn, jeopardize your long-term success after treatment.

5. Separation

For some people, getting away from everything is exactly what they want and need in order to get the most out of their time in recovery. Many find that removing themselves from their day to day lives and any negative influences is a refreshing and helpful experience.

However, just as many people will end up feeling alone and out of their comfort zone which, on top of their substance abuse rehabilitation, can be additional stress that could make recovery more difficult. Ultimately you need to decide whether you can stand being not only away from your normal life, but also away from familiar surroundings in a new place whilst doing so.

It is important that you give this an adequate level of thought as once you decide to go, it would be a waste of time and money to decide you don’t like it and want to return early.

That concludes our top tips for selecting the best overseas rehabilitation clinic for your needs. When considering any kind of recovery, the focus of this endeavour is to help you come to terms with your substance abuse issues and for some, getting away from their regular lives to look within themselves is exactly what they need.

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