Are you looking for yourself? Go to Thailand

Each of us, at certain stages of our lives, may experience a rare and singular sensation, linked to the desire – or rather, the very strong desire – to free ourselves for a few days from our electronic devices, notifications, streaming content and social media posts, detaching ourselves for a while from technological tools to savour again the taste of authentic life, lived perhaps in close contact with loved ones, nature and all the wonders that make up this bizarre and surprising planet.

We have chosen the words ‘savour again’, taking it for granted that every person, at some stage in his or her life, has had the opportunity to find themselves without a smartphone or a tablet, without any technological gadgetry, and has therefore been able to see, taste and feel everything the world has to offer us, even without the mediation of the luminous devices to which we are all accustomed.

In fact, there are categories of people – especially the younger ones – who were born, grew up and became adults in a now post-digital world, where practically every action of everyday life takes place in symbiosis with our mobile phone, our computer, or all the other technological devices we so proudly display in the streets and at work.

For all of them, abandoning their smartphones and finding themselves in an environment free of any form of technology, even if only for a few hours, means savouring for the first time the authentic taste of life, admiring its real and true aspect, without filters of any kind.

Authentic experiences

Abandoning one’s mobile phones for a few days, in a way, can also help people to amplify their sensory perceptions, allowing them to experience their sensations in a natural, genuine way, without the support of any technological creation.

It is precisely for this reason that some architectural firms have been working hard for some years now to propose the realisation of ultra-modern buildings and living spaces that allow people to rediscover the power of their senses and their physiological well-being, which can arise even if only from observation, touch, or simply from walking in an environment created according to a certain style, precise guidelines.

The true purpose of technology

Technology and digitisation have greatly facilitated our lives, allowing us to broaden our horizons and achieve our goals faster and more quickly. In some cases, however, people have started to use it in a blatantly wrong way, getting lost in the web’s luminous vortexes and even losing themselves.

Regardless of your relationship with technology, you too may need to unplug for a few days, perhaps by venturing on a trip to an unknown location that you have never explored, or putting yourself to the test with a survival tour in a foreign country.

For example, try travelling to Thailand, in southeast Asia, and visit some of the southern areas, where the charm of the lush vegetation and mysterious forests will surely captivate you in a matter of moments.

If you can’t find any organised survival tours, pack your backpack with everything you might need for four, five or six nights in the open (mobile phones excluded) and set off fearlessly into the first forest in rural Thailand you come across. As the days go by, you will find that the range of your senses will increase significantly, and that you will be able to pick up olfactory, visual or tactile sensations that you have never experienced before.

When you then return to using your technological devices, you will almost feel as if you are seeing them for the first time, and you will naturally be inclined to use them properly, appropriately, and avoid any kind of deleterious passivity.

You will start using your devices for purely practical purposes, such as your well-being, your entertainment, or to improve your productivity and your monthly income.

After a full sensory immersion, you will undoubtedly be able to better appreciate some of the best sources of entertainment offered on the web, such as online gambling portals. Within these platforms, you will not only find large selections of games and gaming experiences of all kinds, but also the reliable web casino that suits you, known in Thailand as เว็บคาสิโน เชื่อถือได้, and best suits your particular needs.

The fact that each game is carefully selected, examined and checked by a team of experts, made up of industry professionals, is certainly an added incentive to have fun in a simple, safe and accessible manner, without worrying about anything.

As you search for yourself, in your travels and adventures around the world, you might also find the authentic source of fun, full of unimaginable joys and bliss.

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