Boom of Digital Nomad Culture in Chiang Mai

Do not be surprised when you see most digital nomads applauding Chiang Mai and claiming it to be the number one spot for digital nomads. After all, there are many reasons why the city has become a magnet for digital nomads, and we have been based there on a number of occasions often opting for the laid back backstreets of the Nimman area. But in case you plan to go to Chiang Mai, it is a good idea to visit the city first to learn more about it, and maybe take a private tour of the city to decide before hauling there with your bags and baggage.  Take advantage of Chiang Mai private tours to understand the city and the pros and cons of staying here as a digital nomad.

  • Chiang Mai already boasts of a sizeable amount of digital nomads, and with so many social network groups, one can find ample opportunities here for networking, social outings, and seminars. Chiang Mai is today home to thousands of Nomads from different strata and categories.
  • Lower rentals and accommodations are readily available in all seasons here. However, during the peak season, one may have to book ahead of time if planning to come here as a digital nomad. One can even go for monthly accommodations for lower costs.
  • As Chiang Mai is less expensive, it lowers the costs of living for the digital nomads as well as their stress. Thus, a major attraction is the lower cost of living when compared to other cities. One can live here on fragile budgets as food and transportation costs are very nominal. Thus, one can enjoy much more facilities on a lower budget.
  • Chiang Mai has fast become a digital nomad hotspot and is a great starting point for those who are just stepping into their nomadic adventure. Here it is a lot easier to meet companions, competitors and collaborators. Within a short time, one can meet a large number of other digital nomad working in different areas and fields and can plan their future adventures with.

  • Digital nomads need good Internet and WiFi speeds, and at Chiang Mai, it is easy and cheap to get internet services. One can opt for unlimited plans at ridiculously low prices. As the speed of the internet is reliable, one can enjoy working anywhere and at any time of the day and night. Although, a VPN may be necessary at times when some websites may be blocked in the country.
  • Chiang Mai boasts of numerous co-working spaces and cafes for Digital Nomads. Already there are plenty of co-working spaces and new ones are coming up at a fast pace (finding co-working spaces). Digital nomads can enjoy WiFi services at almost every café (our cafe guide here) and can spend hours working with no disturbance. They can enjoy a cup of coffee, meet the locals and chat with them at the same time.

  • When there is a good working space with a stable internet connection, one can expect the digital nomads to work more efficiently and thus raise their productivity. A good atmosphere, disciplined work effort, and time management are essential to working at your best.

  • Another plus point for Chiang Mai is its fantastic weather. Clear blue skies, low humidity and an average temperature that hover around 30°C make it a perfect place to work. Even during the summer months, it remains pleasant as Chiang Mai is located in the mountains and is always more refreshing than the surrounding areas (our guide to Northern Thailand).

Whatever your purpose for coming here to Chiang Mai, make sure to explore and enjoy it to the fullest. It is famous not just among the digital nomads but also with tourists from all around the world, especially Asians and Thais. The city is already taking advantage of the increased interest of the online entrepreneurs. It caters to both the short term and long term visitors by giving them their preferred accommodations that suit the needs of varied travelers and with different purposes. It is because of those amazing benefits, the city is fast becoming popular among the digital nomads.

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