Language Apps To Help You Travel Through Asia

Asia is one of the most explored continents on the planet. Thousands of people visit each year, often going on backpacking trips. However, it can be difficult for those who live in Europe and elsewhere to communicate with locals. But, as with anything, there are apps for that.

Apps have become integral in the daily lives of most, and there are some excellent language apps that are going to be helpful for those travelling through Asia. It’s also worth downloading several other apps ahead of a trip to Asia, such as one that details local eateries. You could even download your favourite mobile casino app to help pass the time when travelling and the like.

Google Translate

It may seem obvious, but the first entry on our list is, of course, Google Translate, which is one of the best language apps in the translation business. What’s excellent about Google Translate, which comes pre-installed on Android devices, is that users can allow their handset to listen in on a conversation, which can then be translated into a traveller’s native language. It makes things a ton easier because people can basically have a conversation without knowing the other person’s language.


Waygo is one of the most legendary language apps around, especially for those travelling in and around Asia. The purpose of Waygo, as detailed by the app developers, is to decipher scripts written in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. How the app works is that the user must point their camera at what they need to translate, and Waygo will do the rest. Therefore, menus and signs will no longer be a problem. And the best part of all is that this can all be done offline.


The great thing about language apps for those travelling is that there is something to suit everyone. And while many apps are useful on the ground, others are perfect in the run-up to a trip taking place, allowing users to learn the basics of a language before they head off. And, Duolingo is arguably the best around for this. Over 200 million active users and loads of languages show how highly rated the app is, with modules that will help people pick up a language in no time. The fun approach is also a massive plus, as it means learning is enjoyable and not too taxing.


Tandem is a language app with a difference because people will be learning in tandem with someone else, which could prove significantly more beneficial. It’s a case of two people being paired up and each teaching each other their native tongue, which is advantageous as useful slang terms can be picked up too. Users can communicate in a variety of ways, including text, audio and video, and there’s even the option to work with a fully qualified tutor for an extra cost, which could speed up the whole learning process.

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