How Scratch-off Travel Map Can Help with Travel Tracking

Why is it important to track and count your travels?

Tracking your travels is essentially the same as gathering a collection or securing all achievements in a video game. It makes you feel like you are working on something bigger, as if you are assembling pieces of a huge puzzle. Additionally, tracking your travelling progress is a great way to see how you grow as a person and how you change throughout the years.

Every new place can teach you a valuable life lesson or make you look at certain things from a different perspective. On top of this, wielding the knowledge about your past adventures can inspire your friends and relatives to join in on the fun and provide you some great company.

How a Scratch-off Travel Map Can Help with Travel Tracking

How people track their travelling progress?

Once you actually try to keep track of your travelling progress, you may realize that it requires time and organization, especially if you are new to this. Advanced travelers tend to have a few tricks up their sleeve to make this process much easier.

A good idea would be to turn on location tags on your phone as it enables you to attach and store geographical location data within each picture or video you shoot.

Another great idea is to be more social and share your stories and interesting things you encounter on your journeys in social media. Not only it enables you to always look cool in front of your friends, but it also gives you the opportunity to bring up your travelling history as soon as you need it.

Finally, there is a life hack that every experienced traveller is always using – the scratch off travel map.

How a Scratch-off Travel Map Can Help with Travel Tracking

What is a scratch off map?

A scratch off travel map is a type of map that has a special foil layer that has to be removed once you visit a certain country. If you try to make it simple, it is a scratch off where you’ve been map. It is very easy to scratch off the top layer with a coin, thus making the map accessible to even the youngest travelers.

Easy creative way to visualize all the places you`ve ever been to

Having such a handy and cool thing as a scratch off travel map has plenty of benefits. First of all, it is a great instrument for learning geography. Sure, everyone has some kind of geography knowledge background, but looking at your favourite scratch off map time and time again will eventually help you out to a point where your geography teacher can be the proudest person on the planet.

Secondly, any scratch off map has to fulfil its main purpose – be the map to keep track of travels. There is no better feeling in the world than to scrap off another country on your travel tracker as soon as you come back from a journey. Previous experience says that the more places you scratch off on the map – the happier you will be.

Finally, taking into account amazing new designs of these maps to track your travels, one of them can become an irreplaceable part of your interior. Visually the map will not be any worse than a painting, which is a traditional element to decorate one’s home. As soon as your friends see the scratch off map, it will inevitably become a great conversation starter, which is often required nowadays.

How a Scratch-off Travel Map Can Help with Travel Tracking

How to plan a trip with travel map

The map can also become a very important piece in your travelling preparation plan. Having dozens of transport tickets and hotel reservations can often make it hard to organize and plan your upcoming trip. With the scratch off travel map, however, the tedious planning part can become a much more pleasant process. You can use a marker or pencil to draw your personalized world scratch map and thus plan how you will be paving your way. You can also use pins to build your perfect travel route and feel the same way they do in the movies. Advanced travellers often get so used to using such a map that they can’t even properly plan their trips without the help of their favourite travel tracker.

How a Scratch-off Travel Map Can Help with Travel Tracking

Where to buy Your Map?

If you feel like the scratch off map is exactly what you or your close ones need in their life, you can choose a map with unique modern and functional design on You can look through a huge variety of products to buy a scratch map that will meet your every single requirement.


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