Where To Go In Europe When Visiting For The First Time

Travelling to a new continent can be pretty exciting, but when it comes to Europe, deciding on where to go isn’t an easy task. With so many countries, diverse cultures and the fact that they all speak different languages with a very rich culture due to their historical background, it’s not easy to make a decision on where to go. 

However, if this is your first time, these are the classics that you need to cross off your list first: 


One of the reasons Italy is the perfect place to visit for a first-timer in Europe is because it has a variety of experiences to suit any type of traveller. Whether you’re looking for a country with beautiful scenery, great food, rich culture or incredible, historic sites, not to mention some of the prettiest cities in Europe, Italy has it all. In every city you visit, you’ll get a completely different vibe, making the possibilities endless; from a city built on top of water like Venice, to strolling the streets of a city-like museum in Rome. If you would like to discover about the renaissance and experience breathtaking arts and architecture, then Tuscany is for you. If you would like to fully enjoy your stay in Italy, there are villas for rent in Tuscany Italy you can book and experience a luxurious country-style living.  

Italians are also known for their hospitality and their charming character, making your entire experience even better. But, it is important to exchange your money to euros beforehand to avoid getting ripped off. While Italians are quite charming, you shouldn’t always trust them when it comes to money. 


The history of Spain and their multi-cultural experiences make their history and traditions extremely interesting for anyone visiting Europe for the first time. With a Middle-Eastern fusion with European culture, the Spanish have the perfect mix of warmth and hospitality along with the ideologies, easy-going nature and tolerance of the west. When in Spain, you’ll come across beautiful scenery, incredible mosques and churches, and a nightlife that is filled with music and dance. You can’t miss going to a flamingo show for some romance in Spain, or eating their famous Spanish Paella. 

Depending on each city, you’ll also be welcomed with a different vibe. While the South of Spain is highly influenced by the Middle East, displaying their impact in their traditions as well as artefacts, the north of Spain has a completely different vibe to it. Beach cities such as Barcelona are cities that make you feel younger just by setting foot in them, and inspire you to adopt the chilled beach life where the city never sleeps. One factor to take into consideration is that it will be quite difficult to find anyone who speaks English in most places, so be fully prepared beforehand. 


For a first-timer visiting Europe, Paris is always on the top of the list. Not only is it a popular tourist destination, making it easy to find people in your shoes, but it is also known as the city of love. There’s something about Paris that brings out the romantic side of any person, and makes you happy because you feel love is in the air. Visiting the Eiffel Tower and seeing the city from a new height is a view that will take your breath away. You’ll also be fascinated by seeing the Monalisa in real life when visiting the Louvre, or getting to view the real-life version of the Notre-Dame after growing up with the animated cartoon. There’s a lot more to France than just Paris, and you’ll find that other cities offer relaxing beach getaways, splendid food and lots of cultural history. 


While many parts of Holland are incredible to visit, there’s something about Amsterdam that makes it the perfect destination to make you fall in love with Europe. The entire city has a laid-back and chilled spirit to it that makes you feel like you can breathe easily. With mesmerizing canals in every street, the beauty of the flowing water, and their architecture definitely makes it not too hard on the eyes. The best thing is that pretty much everyone in Amsterdam speaks English, are super friendly and have an incredible sense of humour. There’s also so much to do in terms of sightseeing, such as checking out museums, iconic sites to visit and bike tours that will make your experience truly exceptional. And if you have the time, taking a bike tour to neighbouring cities to see the fascinating tulip fields, or exploring their well-known windmills are experiences you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. 

Europe is filled with magnificent places to visit, and countries that are rich in culture which offer so much for a first-time visitor to Europe. While the decision isn’t easy to make, any of the above countries are bound to make your experience in Europe truly unforgettable. They’ll have you wanting to come back and see more of this spectacular continent filled with diverse cultures!

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