Rise of Entertainment City – The Las Vegas of the Philippines

The Philippines represents a place like no other in the world. An archipelago in the Pacific Ocean that consists of more than 7 thousand islands is known for its wonders and beauty. Sandy beaches that will leave you breathless, miraculous underground rivers, rice terraces, and others represent the natural wonders of the Philippines. But there are also man-made spectacles that you must consider upon your visit there.

The amazingly delicious cuisine, colourful festivals, rich history, vibrant nightlife breathtaking skyscrapers are there to make your travel to this country completely unforgettable. And among these buildings, you can find a complex that is the talk of the town known as Entertainment City! Something that is designed to be the Las Vegas in this part of the world.

What Exactly Is Entertainment City?

Deep in the heart of the county capital Manila, you will find a not-so-hidden gem, that is taking about eight square kilometres of resorts, casinos, and other luxurious places that are ideal for tourists and gamblers. The Bay Area complex is designed to accommodate around 1 million tourists every year.

If you are not one of the lucky ones that can visit Entertainment City in person, there is the best no deposit online casino to be found among many options to consider. But for those that are thinking about making this their next travelling destination, consider this, every casino is mandated to include fine dining, deluxe stores, and entertainment.

What Is the Idea Behind Entertainment City Project?

It seems that the governing bodies responsible for gambling and tourism united in the idea of overthrowing Macau as the gambling capital of this part of the globe. More than 15 years ago, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, better known as PAGCOR, started the project to do exactly that.

The vision took place at the land in the Manila Bay region that would be consisted of top-tier casinos, premium designer stores, posh dining establishments with amazing Filipino food, and gated neighbourhoods for the wealthy, all as the Philippine equivalent of Las Vegas.

And if that wasn’t enough, they decided to include spacious office buildings, charming shopping malls, never-ending shows of international performers, and all that with a unique Manila Bay sunset in the back of it all. Quite amazing.

Resorts in Entertainment City That Will Leave You Breathless

As the gambling community turned its interest to gaming online, traditional land-based casinos lost their appeal to people. Many of them closed, but the big and internationally renowned gambling centres like Las Vegas and Macao remained in business. And that is why the PAGCOR decided to create another, globally popular centre for casino players.

Possibly even better than the existing ones. And to do so, and bring people back to brick-and-mortar casinos, the government recognized that modern gamblers don’t want just the casino games. Entertainment City has world-class theatres to entertain its visitors, globally recognized chefs at restaurants, numerous shops, and more at its numerous resorts.

So let us see what each of them offers to visitors.

Westside City

This project had the goal to make the Entertainment City become the “Broadway of Asia” by emphasizing its performing arts amenities. This will be the place for the first Grand Opera House ever in the Philippines and its capacity will be a total of 3.000 people. The inspiration for the opera is the lavish Palais Garnier from Paris in France. Certainly a bastion of culture in this area.

Plans include a total of 1.500 rooms in the hotels Genting Grand, Okura Manila, Westin Hotel, Crockfords Tower, and Kingsford Hotel. Westside City will also include offers to purchase real estate by both local and foreign citizens. Truly an amazing offer to own a piece of your heaven in Entertainment City.

City of Dreams Manila

The joined operation between Entertainment Corporation and Melco Resorts brought us the City of Dreams Manila, which was the second resort that was opened in Entertainment City. Operating for almost 10 years now, its construction worth was estimated at around 1.3 billion USD. The vast amount of land is occupied by its three renowned hotels, Hyatt Regency, Nobu, and Nuwa.

All three of them combined offer the capacity of almost 1.000 rooms. The most prominent attraction here is the famous Fortune Egg, joining the other world-renowned egg-shaped structures. It represents a dome that is shaped like an egg made out of gold. It has a very modern and futuristic design, and it is the home of the two best nightclubs in the country, Chaos and Pangaea.

They are world-class brands and always bring internationally famous performers for their customers.

Solaire Resort and Casino

The first resort that opened in the Entertainment City was designed according to the PAGCOR chairman’s vision. The resort is owned by Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels Incorporated, it started construction in 2010 and was renamed in 2012. The resort is the home of two world-class, five-star hotels, Sky Tower and Bay Tower.

The capacity of the two hotels is 800 rooms distributed on the 17 stories buildings. The resort offers spaces for company gatherings and a grand ballroom which can be used to organize celebrations for 1.300 guests. The casino space is huge, and it offers more than 1,600 slot machines.

If you are a fan of casino classic games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and others, there are almost 400 tables to accommodate the players.

Okada Manila

The resort was built by Kazuo Okada, a Japanese billionaire, and proudly bears his name. Mister Okada spent 7 years and 250 billion JPY of his own money to compete with the Macao casinos. With that in mind, he built The Fountain. It was designed to be a world-class venue for concerts and private events that is operational throughout the whole year. In their own words, the size of the venue is “50 Olympic-size swimming pools” and it is amazingly choreographed with sounds, lights, and water.

Hotels here are Coral Wing and Pearl Wing, 15 stories high buildings that are connected with sky bridges. They are made of glass that is designed to represent the sunset over Manila Bay, which is in the words of many visitors – an unforgettable experience.


Entertainment City is a place that was designed for your pleasure, and that is an admirable intent. The idea to compete with the world gambling capital such as Las Vegas might be considered bold or even crazy, but they are certainly putting themselves on the map. Besides the gambling experience, which is amazing, PAGCOR recognized that you need additional content to attract people.

And you have it here in abundance! They are bringing international stars in every aspect of your vacation that you can think of. Performers, chefs, stores, everything is there to make your stay an amazing one. Considering all that, can you afford not to visit this piece of heaven in the Pacific Ocean?

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