Why eCommerce and Digital Nomadism make the Perfect Lifestyle Pairing

In working your current job, have you ever had thoughts of quitting or maybe called out more often than you should? If you have, it’s okay and it’s perfectly normal. We all go through work slumps and have all experienced the “Monday Blues” from time to time but how exactly do you know when maybe you’re overdue for a vacation and when it’s time to completely change career paths?

Well, this can sometimes be hard to tell. Sometimes, all people need is a vacation, especially if they haven’t had any consecutive days off in a while. Others might not be happy with the work they do anymore and might need a total career change. But if you are someone who doesn’t like conforming to a set schedule, monotony, or being told what to do (especially from someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing), then your needs are beyond vacations and career changes… you are screaming entrepreneurship.

Now, entrepreneurship doesn’t mean you’re just some wild person who only wants to do things your way, it just means that you’re someone who wants to try entrepreneurship because you’re not fulfilled in your current position… If you think about it, isn’t that, at its core, why people leave jobs? Because they’re not fulfilled, whether they’re not fulfilled in their rate of pay, hours worked, or value.

When you have the feeling of unfulfillment at work, it’s time to consider entrepreneurship… in other words, you need to consider living a digital nomad lifestyle by starting your very own e-commerce business.

Why Digital Nomadism Through E-Commerce?

Well, the simplest answer to that question is because you get to live and work from anywhere in the world. If you were to ask any e-commerce entrepreneur what their motivation was to become a digital nomad, they would all say that they desired to be self-employed and that they wanted the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere and to work as often or as little as they wanted.

By adopting the digital nomad lifestyle, one of the greatest benefits of running an e-commerce store is coming to the realization that traditional employment has so many people geographically trapped to a desk. People are either living closer to their jobs in expensive apartments or homes or live further from their jobs because the cost of living is cheaper but the commute is an hour to two hours each way… you can avoid all of that with e-commerce.

That type of lifestyle isn’t appealing, nor is it sustainable or realistic and so many people are discovering that and taking matters into their own hands by dropping their 9 to 5 jobs and starting their own eCommerce business and travelling the world.

It may not seem like it but there are other ways to earn a living without exhausting daily commutes or an expensive cost of living… the digital nomad lifestyle is going to allow you to run your business and earn a living all while seeing the beautiful world around you. And here we outline 4 Reasons Ecommerce is a Great Option For Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Reason 1: You Have a Low Start-Up Cost

When you first realized just how unhappy you were with your job, you started looking at entrepreneurship opportunities. One of the big entrepreneurship opportunities you ran across was to open a franchise. It definitely has its perks… but it’s not going to be feasible if you don’t have 250 to 500 grand in your bank account, so that’s out. And you don’t want to borrow that amount of money because it may not even be successful! Starting an e-commerce store won’t cost you nearly as much money.

To start an eCommerce business, you’re going to need to set aside a budget for these things but not limited to:

The awesome thing about e-commerce businesses is that for one, the listed things are not going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Secondly, a lot of the tools and guides you need to be successful are available online… and to top that, they’re free!

So don’t feel afraid that your business won’t succeed because you don’t know the first thing about running a business… that’s irrelevant… If you can read and have good comprehension levels, then you will be able to start and run an eCommerce business.

Reason 2: You Get to Meet People From All Over the World

As a digital nomad, you’re earning an income based on having internet access, right? Yes. Well, in adopting this lifestyle to earn a living, it’s going to allow you to meet other people who’ve adopted this lifestyle as well.

Once you land in a foreign country, you’re not only going to meet people who are from that country… you’re also going to meet other entrepreneurial-minded individuals like yourself who are also living the digital nomad lifestyle as well. This is going to give you the opportunity to talk to and share ideas with people you would have never met if you stayed in your office.

In addition to that, if you network properly during your travels, you have the opportunity to develop cross-cultural communication and acquire new clients in different countries.

Reason 3: Lower Monthly Expenses and Pay Off Debts

As a digital nomad, you’re not only going to satisfy your wanderlust, but you’re also going to be able to financially benefit as well, and not just from profits either. Because you have the flexibility to live anywhere, that means you’re going to be able to cut back on your monthly expenses.

As you already know, the cost of living drastically varies depending on where you live. Certain areas are a lot more affordable than other areas. Let’s say you currently live in Boston, MA but your first travel destination as a digital nomad is going to be Hanoi, Vietnam. According to Numbeo’s cost of living comparison, the difference in the cost of living between the two destinations is astronomical! The price of rent in Boston is over 500% higher than it is in Hanoi!

With the money you’d be saving on monthly expenses, you can save that to put towards your next travel destination or to even pay off debts… Just because you’ve left the country where your debt started, doesn’t mean it disappears when you start travelling the world!

Reason 4: E-Commerce Promotes Passive Income

Once your business reaches a certain level of success, you’ll be able to work with one or more different drop shippers to ensure fulfilment is always on time. So what does that mean? That means that because you own an online store, you can sightsee or take a nap and still make money! Your business will be working even when you’re not.

You, of course, will do this in moderation because your business will still need your attention but e-commerce is going to allow you to work and actually enjoy your destination.

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