The Simple Luxury of Airport Transfer

Because there are few things I dislike more than the final stretches of long haul flights. My brains dead, my muscles are numb, I’m always squirming in anguish, and the final stretch is just excruciating. And while I am always excited for the destination, I have absolutely no love, whatsoever, for long haul flights. So the last thing you want is to start bargaining and arguing with some dodgy taxi driver who is more or less doing his best to rip you off. And while I do feel somewhat savvy as a solo traveller, I remember once arriving with my family at the airport, attempting to secure an affordable Dubai Airport transfer upon arrival, who seemed happy to pay triple the price to our Dubai Marina hotel. But I personally couldn’t let them do it, and I argued it and it kind of put a dampner on the start of the holidays. When in reality we could have just organised airport transport before our arrival, for cheaper.

Dubai Stopover, Dubai Airport Transfer by Private Car Blacklane The Creek Area, Dubai Airport Transfer by Private Car Blacklane

No More White Knuckle Rides

I have had the misfortune of flying with 15 individual long haul carriers in the past 10 years and every flight is as agonising as the last and only two things these days give me any comfort; knowing I have comfortable transport at the opposite end, and an aromatherapy massage when I arrive. So these days it makes more sense to organise airport transfer beforehand, with Blacklane, who offer three car classes to suit different budgets and travel styles. They’re suited to all of us. They also have professionally licensed and vetted drivers, driving modern and safe vehicles, which is little more than refreshing in our normal base of Bangkok, where most cars and drivers should never be let near the road. Airport transit can be a bit of a white knuckle ride here. But this is another perk with Blacklane who are ready and available throughout the world, with airport transfers in 236 cities, and growing. So we can now be greeted at the arrivals gate by clean-cut drivers who even help assist and help with our luggage. And just simple efficiencies like these make the long-hauls a whole lot easier and stress free.

Free Airport Bus, Dubai Airport Transfer by Private Car Blacklane ATM at Siem Reap Airport, US Dollars or Local Currency Cambodia

No More Hassle

In fact, before now, to avoid the nuisance of dodgy taxi drivers we would have often opted for the airport train links to city centres, which always proved ridiculously awkward, not only for us, but the locals of the city. As it just felt rude and unnecessary to squash through mass transit hubs and onto city centre metros with suitcases and luggage. We were causing a whole lot of hassle for everyone to save just a few pennies. And after this we would then inevitably go through the hassle of flagging down a taxi at the metro station to take us to our hotel. And by now we’re not only excruciating tired and fed up, but we will likely stink and be covered in sweat. Again I can hardly stress my dislike for these long-haul journeys.

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