Driving Delights: A Guide to Road Trips in Thailand and Bali

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu. Are you ready to hit the road and explore some of the most epic road trips that Thailand and Bali have to offer? From finding hidden gems off the beaten path, navigating budget-friendly routes, and discovering unique cultural experiences – this is what dreams are made of. And, in this regard, Southeast Asia never disappoints.

Journey through Time and Nature: Unveiling the Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai Road Trip in Thailand

The road trip to Chiang Mai from Ayutthaya is something every traveller should experience at least once in a lifetime. Wanderlog states that at 383 miles (617 km) and an estimated 7 hours and 46 minutes drive time in normal traffic conditions, it is more than doable for even those with tight schedules. On this particular adventure, be sure to check out Lopburi for some amazing temples just off your route, then stop at Sukhothai —an ancient city chock-full of majestic ruins that give insight into Thailand’s bygone eras and lastly at Lampang, which is home to many delicious treats as well as horse-drawn carriages which are loads of fun. Going the rental car route will cost about £25.00/$31.00 per day or if you’re looking for more room, a 3-seater taxi rings in at £322.00/$400.00 depending on your driver and how fast they zip through town.

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Bali’s Scenic Wonderland: Exploring the Kintamani to Sidemen Road Trip

The drive from Kintamani to Sidemen stretches just over 30 km (18.6 miles) and should take about an hour and fifteen minutes without any major traffic issues getting in your way. The total price of the transport from Kintamani to Sidemen should be around $30 depending on chosen mode as highlighted by rome2rio.com. Firstly, before reaching Sidemen village lies Goa Gajah which translates into Elephant Cave – so keep your eyes peeled for these mystical entranceways dotted around lush green forests. Then there’s Gunung Kawi – an 11th-century temple complex built right inside stone cliffs with pond pools, followed by ceremonies at Tirta Empul and its two holy springs flanked by intricate sculptures. An additional tip: Wear respectful clothing when entering all sacred temples. 

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There really is nothing quite like climbing behind the wheel with a few fellow adventurers for some extra sense of freedom as you wind your way toward unimaginable adventures and explore amazing destinations. With open roads filled with endless possibilities just be sure not to forget souvenirs along every lap, as they end up being a symbol for your magnificent adventures.

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