Digital Marketing in Bangkok: 5 Reasons Why it should be Your Businesses Future.

Any business owner in Asia would’ve by now heard endless amounts about Digital Marketing and how it is “the future of businesses everywhere”. This in itself is an incorrect assumption, Digital Marketing is not “the future” it is very much the “now” and it is important the businesses across the region accept and adopts new ways of sourcing leads through the internet. This is so crucial for companies within Thailand, particularly Bangkok, to come to terms with for a number of important reasons.

Hopefully, within this article, we can run you through some of the more important reasons why it is so important to refine your strategy for your businesses Digital Marketing in Bangkok.

1. Tourism and the Foreign Market

One of the things that Thailand is known for internationally is its tourism. With its unique culture, stunning temples and beautiful picturesque beaches, hundreds of thousands of tourists from across the globe visit annually. Any business within the tourism sector or any service that would potentially be frequented by visitors to the country needs to be active online. Furthermore, your marketing must also be mobile friendly in order to compete effectively as this is the platform most travellers-on-the-go will use.

Indeed, Google’s own data from the last quarter of last year suggested that mobile-based travel searches totaled 26% in the US, 38% in the Middle East and a huge 40% within Asia. After all, somebody who is traveling across Thailand for two weeks is more likely to search on their mobile phone for a restaurant to eat at or a new activity to try. In order for you to capture as much of the incoming business as possible for your Industry, get online, and get mobile!

2. The Rise of Social Media in Thailand

Over the past 5 years, Social Media has become part and parcel of everyday life here in Thailand. Particularly for the native Thai market, with a huge section of the population (up to an estimated 47 million people in 2017) being active on Facebook alone. Naturally, for businesses in Thailand, knowing the strengths of advertising and updating your Social Media platforms is essential for keeping pace with this new avenue of lead generation. Social media also gives a unique opportunity for your business to showcase itself properly to your potential customers in order to aid conversion and manage customer expectation.

Thailand also has a high level of user engagement, particularly if your business has a well-defined audience who are actively interested in your type of service or products. Everything from restaurants to hotels, to domestic services, can be effectively advertised using Social Media.  

3. Potential Growth

The Digital Marketing industry Thailand is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the country. With the market expected to grow to an estimated 20Bn THB by 2020 (around 629M USD), and naturally, there wouldn’t be such heavy investment in the industry unless it was beneficial to businesses. Delaying your companies eventual move into advertising online means that you could potentially miss out on leads and business over companies that properly invest in their Digital Marketing.

Proper investment in new streams of interest is part and parcel of owning and operating your own business, however, when it comes to “Going Digital”, many companies hesitate to fully commit to the process. The only party that will lose out in this instance, is themselves, while their competitors reap the benefits of their Digital Marketing strategy.

4. E-Commerce

Equal to the growth of Social Media in Thailand is the ever-increasing E-Commerce market that dominates Thai retail across many industries and product types. E-Commerce has created an environment where it is easier than ever for customers to find and purchase products from retailers. If your business relies on physical product sales, it is vital that you get with the times and get your products online. There are many avenues to do this, the first one is to set up a comprehensive Google Shopping campaign to try and attract causal browsers searching for your products and push them to buy yours with proper targeting.

The second is to use independent platforms such as Lazada, Alibaba, or your own E-Commerce website in order to try and push your products to people most interested in them. It is thought that eventually, E-Commerce and online sales will make physical sales and establishments in retail obsolete. While we are not quite at that level yet, it is important as a retail business to explore options for the future and solidify your companies place in the market.

5. Convenience

There are many reasons that people love to shop for and commission services online, too many in fact to properly go over in this article. However, one of the main factors that influences people to get the things they need online is the pure convenience. From that standpoint alone, online sales and services win every time, why even leave the comfort of your own condo to go all the way to your local Robinsons to look for pillows or anything else you need when with a few presses of a button, you can have whatever you need shipped straight to your door. Normally at a more competitive price than those found through physical shopping.

This is one of the reasons that Thai people in particular have taken to online services so quickly. Most have extremely busy lives, particularly those that live in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. The idea of just ordering everything you need to be shipped or performed at a later date with little physical effort is very appealing to those that may have limited amounts of spare time.

So that concludes our list of 5 reasons why your business should be investing in its future Digital Marketing strategy. We hope you have found it useful, as always please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject.

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