Cities with the Best Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Derived from the Italian dish focaccia, nowadays pizza is a universal dish that can easily be found in almost every city of the world.

Although pizza seems to be a simple dish, some cities excel at cooking them. For instance, if you take a food tour in Rome you will likely find some of the best pizzas in the world. Italy will always be prominent within the top places to eat pizza, and the menu of a Food Tour Rome will likely feature Pizza Bianca, aka White pizza, which is a regional staple in Rome.

However, amazing pizzas can also be tasted in other latitudes, such as the United States and some cities of Latin America.

If you are a pizza fan and would like to know where you can taste the best pizzas in the world, keep reading this article to find the cities with the best pizza in the world.

Where to find the world’s best pizza?

According to traveller’s reviews, the cities listed below offer the best pizza dishes in the world.

1.    Rome, Italy

As we mentioned before, Rome is a world culinary centre in which some of the most amazing dishes can be tasted. Among the roman menu, pizza has a special place, with the typical roman style pizza is made with olive oil, which creates a quite pliable dough, which turns into a crispy delicatessen after being baked.

The best roman restaurants to eat pizza are Seu Pizza Illuminati, 180g Pizzeria Romana, Quinto, Sbanco and Sant’Isidoro Pizza and Bolle.

2.    Naples, Italy

Neapolitan pizza is one of the most famous of the world. The recipe, which was included in UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage, includes tomatoes and mozzarella. Unlike the roman recipe, Pizza Napoletana does not include oil in the dough preparation, which it is made of yeast, salt and water.

The best Neapolitan restaurants to eat pizza are 50 Kalò, Napoli on the Road, L’Antica Pizzeria and ‘O Ver.

3.    Milan, Italy

Even though every restaurant serves many pizza variants, the Milanese-style pizza has its own fame. The Milanese pizza is characterized by its paper-thin crust, which many prefer to eat with a fork and knife, unlike with other types of pizzas. Another special characteristic of Milanese pizza is that it is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and anchovies.

The best restaurants in Milan to taste the local pizza are Dry Milano, Crosta and Denis.

4.    New York, United States

New York is known as a multicultural city in which Italian heritage is quite strong. The New York pizza is one of the best outside Italy. It is usually cooked in deck ovens at an extremely high temperature. This technique provides a unique and exquisite taste that many believe is the best in the world.

The best restaurants in New York to eat pizza are Una Pizza Napolitana, Ribalta NYC, Song’ E Napule, Kesté Fulton and Ops.

5.    Copenhagen, Denmark

Known as the city of fairy tales, Copenhagen stands out for its exquisite pizza. In fact, many believe that Danish made the classic Italian dish even better, by creating the perfect variant of the traditional recipe. The dough is prepared with the best oil live, imitating the roman recipe, but the toppings are what make this recipe a local dish.

The best restaurants to eat pizza in Copenhagen are Bæs, Pizzeria Luca and Surt.

6. São Paulo, Brazil

Finally yet importantly, one of the most important cities in Latin America has also one of the best pizzas in the world. We are talking about Sao Paulo, the Brazilian metropolis known as the Sampa or Terra da Garoa.

Portuguese heritage is very strong within the city and it can be clearly detected in their culinary traditions. Known as the quintessential pizza and pizza Portuguesa, the Brazilian recipe includes calabrese sausage, ham, sliced tomato, bell peppers, onion, boiled eggs and black olives. Even though this is the main recipe, there are many variations to it, which in most cases include green peas or corn.

The best quintessential pizza can be eaten in A Pizza Da Mooca, Leggera Pizza Nepoletana and QT Pizza Bar.

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