10 Must-Try Tours in Tokyo and Beyond

Japan for us is the most culturally fascinating country we have ever experienced, and it is a country we will happily return to over and over again. And despite extensive travels throughout Japan, from north to south, from Kyushu to Hokkaido, it still feels like we have yet to scrape the surface. But the obvious start to any visit to Japan should start in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, and the largest city in the world by metropolitan area, which just highlights the somewhat endless opportunities to explore.

There is also something for everyone, whether it be to experience rich heritage and culture, to indulge in food, or to explore and adventure in the wild of the country. Meaning it can be a bit overwhelming, and daunting even, when it comes to planning a trip to Tokyo and beyond. So here we have highlighted some of our favourite activities and excursions on Bookmundi to give a range of options to explore.

Culture and Shopping Tour

Made In Japan Shopping Tour: Cultural Curiosities

An introduction to culture often begins at street level with the local trades and crafts of locals in Tokyo. And these handicrafts also make great for souvenirs and keepsakes to return from any stay. This tour takes you through the underbelly of Tokyo, like time travel at times, to show the simple joys of Japanese life. Also, indulge along the way in local foods through a tour of 3 hours sharing the best of Tokyo’s trades and cultures!

Tokyo Nightlife

Kanpai Tokyo: Shinjuku drinks and neon nights

In Japan, kanpai! means cheers! And when you are in Tokyo, it is a must to indulge in the city’s nightlife and local drinking culture. This beer and alcohol tasting tour lasts for 3 hours after sundown, marking the best of nightlife in this 24-hour city. Pick from 10,000 odd restaurants and bars and pubs and drink like a local beneath the neon lights Shinjuku and other iconic entertainment areas of Tokyo.

Old Town Asakusa by Rickshaw

Rickshaw Tour in Tokyo!

This tour takes you on a 30-minute rickshaw ride around the historic streets of Asakusa, one of Tokyo’s oldest towns, including the Sensoji temple which for many is the highlight of this quaint cultural town. Experience the natural environs and enjoy Rokku old entertainment area, the bar streets and the kimono shops along with handicraft shopping, picture clicking and great fun! Much like a tuk-tuk without the motor, the cool air and sunny sights make the trip worthwhile.

The 6-day Economy Experience

Japan on a Shoestring – Tokyo to Kyoto

From the neon lights of Tokyo to Japan’s cultural capital in Kyoto. This shoestring tour starts out from the manic streets of Tokyo, before crossing the serene countryside of Takayama, before ending at the timeless gardens and temples in the beautiful Kyoto. All in 6-days on a frugal, but great value, budget.

7-Day Highlights Tour

Japan Highlights

A week-long Japanese Adventure through Tokyo, Takayama, and Odawara sharing the many highlights and contrasts of Japan from the calming country-scapes to the bright cityscapes bundled into one epic plan which is ideal for small groups on a shorter schedule.

Zip through Japan

Japan Express

A 9-day tour covering hiking trails, temple runs, world heritage sights and plenty of free time to explore on your own is what makes this tour great value for money. Sharing the best of Tokyo and Kyoto with plenty of excitement in Sumo wrestling, Geisha spotting and Nikko, the beautiful and tranquil town which will blow you away! Train rides can be great fun, especially in Japan.

An Ode to the Rising Sun

Japan: Land of the Rising Sun

The Land of the Rising Sun. This 13-Day cultural tour shares something from everyone, making it a great package for families with children and younger folk. From the excitement of neon and big city lights to the beauty and relaxation of cherry blossoms, temples, mountains, and hot springs. A wide-ranging Japan tour connected by the famous Shinkansen high-speed trains (14-Day JR Pass).

Extreme Adventures in Japan

Japan Hike, Bike & Kayak

For the fit and adventurous traveller. This tour starts from Osaka and ending in Tokyo, this trip is set to blow you over with the awesome scenery along with the adrenaline rush that will come with the golden trio of hiking, biking and kayaking. The tour is more about kayaking and canoeing and will be a 13-day long affair covering 7-main sites in Japan.

Japan. Old and New

Ancient & Modern Japan

Bringing together ancient and modern Japan and mixing the old with the new. This tour brings together the best of both worlds in a 13-day fun trip full of hikes, temples and culture. Simple yet exciting activities and good food and great landscapes fill this dreamy trip.

Adventures in Japan

Japan Adventure

This rather extensive 15-day tour of Japan delves into Japanese history and mysticism. Again ‘Japan Adventure’ starts and ends in Tokyo and covers varied landscapes from big city life to the serene countryside, as well as the unforgettable and iconic views of Mount Fuji. In a tour that shows just how Japan embraces both traditions and modernism, as well as plenty of adventure with kayaking and canoeing, and biking and hiking.

These are pretty much endless options for tours in Japan, with many of the better covered extensively on Bookmundi using customized plans and trips for all tastes, to ensure the perfect adventures in Japan!

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