Best Rail Journeys in Europe

Trains have always been looked upon as one of the most comfortable ways of travelling, especially for long-distance travel. With new high-speed lines opening across the world, the latest trends show them as the preferred mode of travel among tourists and travellers.

The train journeys in Europe make for a delightful journey as you get a visual treat of spectacular scenery and dramatic views from the window of your comfortable seat. For a traveller, there is no better perspective on the world around him than from the window of a railway carriage.

When you travel by train in Europe, it is all about the journey and the experience. After all, where else could you incorporate such spectacular scenery on your trip. There are plenty of scenic routes to pick from, and you could traverse the Cinque Terre or get aboard the famous Glacier Express to cross Switzerland and look forward to Glacier Express holidays. The choices are simply endless when getting on board a train in Europe for a scenic journey.

Here are a couple of rail journeys in Europe that are considered among the best ones.

France to Interlaken

Take the train through France to Interlaken and get ready for a most scenic route. Check possible itineraries to plan the trip and enjoy the stunning scenery to Lake Geneva. You can book your seat on the Golden Pass line and enjoy a comfortable trip in those modern panoramic carriages. At Interlaken, the passengers get a break in their journey, and from here they can take discounted tickets to picturesque Lauterbrunnen valley.

Gotthard Pass route through the Alps

Enjoy a leisurely journey along the Gotthard Pass route on a train that offers a very diverse scenery. Feast your eyes on the snowcapped mountains and palm trees that go by, and you will love the experience of passing through the loops, bridges, and tunnels. Gotthard Panorama Express boasts of 1st class seats and the trip take you through the stunning scenery of Umbria.

Glacier Express in Switzerland

Exploring the stunningly beautiful Switzerland on a train is indeed one of the most thrilling journeys you can take. The famous scenic train allows you to travel in style Traversing the Alps is indeed a great mountain experience, and you can feel the engaging landscape of Alpine glaciers and meadows, and some serenely beautiful valleys.

The Adriatic coastline of Croatia

Get a complete Croatian experience and a view of its fascinating regions as you travel along the beautiful Adriatic coastline in a train. It is indeed one of the most popular holiday regions of Europe and the only way to enjoy the beautiful scenery is to travel by train. Take the train from London to explore the Adriatic coastline of Croatia.

Florence to Venice

Another unforgettable train journey of Europe lies between the two famous cities, Florence and Venice. Venice indeed becomes memorable as it comes alive with food, music, and pageants after winters. The voyage to Venice takes you on a breath-taking scenery and an enriching experience. Although the journey is short, it is one of the most scenic in Europe.

London to Stockholm to Arctic Circle

Embark on a fantastic adventure as your journey takes you through majestic mountains and heavenly fjords, as you travel by train from London to Arctic Circle via Stockholm. Go through the tranquil landscapes on the exciting tour and visit the fascinating cities on the epic journey. You can even travel beyond the Arctic Circle to the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun.

Prague, Vienna, and Budapest

Plan a great European adventure by rail as you cover the regal cities of Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. Enjoy amazing landscapes from the window of your train carriage and explore the history of Europe as you visit the palaces, churches and royal residences of these sites. Of course, it is recommended to stop off at each city, and I’d give at least 2 days in Budapest, and maybe even make a stop along the way in historic Munich. It is, indeed going to be an unforgettable journey for you.

From Zermatt to Austrian Alps

With a Eurail Pass, you are now ready for one of the most beautiful train rides in Europe. As your train travels from Zermatt to Austrian Alps, you enjoy panoramic views of rolling vineyards, sparkling mountain lakes, and green valleys. Go through the best of the Swiss and Austrian Alps and stop for some time at the picture-perfect Lake Bled in the Julian Alps in Slovenia.

Cote d’Azur sights and attractions

Speed through France and explore the glamorous stretch of coastline along Côte d’Azur on scenic trains like Train des Merveilles and Train des Pignes. The trains are a popular means of transportation and a great way to discover the region’s sights. The train takes you on one of the most scenic trips and classic journeys across Europe.

Journey along Lake Como

Take the scenic rail route to Lake Como and get ready to explore this popular region of Italy. You can enjoy stunning views of the Swiss and Italian Alps plus the scenic beauty of Lake Como from your carriage. This is your chance to take a tour of alpine adventure as you explore the lakeshore.

 Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Board the private luxury train service, Venice Simplon-Orient-Express to enjoy the glitz and glamour of Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco and France and finally London. You get transported back in time and can experience the Golden Age of travel as you enjoy the picturesque views outside of your cabin done in sumptuous upholstery and polished wood.

Great rail journeys in Norway

It is a great idea to fly to Norway and aboard the Flåm Railway to embark on one of the great rail journeys within Europe. The country’s natural beauty and its vibrant cities are a must to explore. The scenic train routes will take you through the famous fjords and coastal valleys of Norway and offer you an excellent introduction to the country’s natural beauty. The journey unfolds one astonishing landscape after another on your window. Enjoy the glorious views of glaciers, forests, coastline, and mountains on this remarkable journey.

A Spanish rail adventure

Zoom down on this high-speed rail across France and visit the magnificent cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Discover the intoxicating art and culture and outstanding landmarks of the romantic cities of Spain. Travel southwards through France, where you cross the border into Spain.

Ardennes to Luxembourg

If you are seeking the best Alpine scenery imaginable, you are sure to find it on the train trip through the Ardennes to Luxembourg. As you pass through Luxembourg, you can see the intermingling of German and French cultures. Explore the unique country as well as the enchanting journey by train.

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