5 Easy Money-Saving Travel Tips For Airport Hotels

Airport hotels are a convenient option when travelling early in the morning or late at night, especially when you have a corresponding flight with a long waiting time and prefer not to stay at the airport, or when you are travelling for a business purpose and want to be near the conference hall. However, staying at an airport hotel does not always have to be related to air travel; other circumstances, such as a road trip, may mean that booking a room near the airport is the most suitable option for your situation.

Knowing how much people desire to save on travel in order to have more money for food and attractions, we couldn’t help but provide five easy tips to consider when booking accommodation near the airport.

1. Research & Compare

Market research is compulsory in order to discover the different rates provided by various booking services or even the hotel itself. When it’s time to compare the results, don’t be in a hurry to book the phenomenally cheapest option because other amenities, such as breakfast, may not be included in the price or they may be offered at a higher price compared to another hotel with a higher room rate. Therefore, the cheapest room is not always the best value-for-money option.

2. Plan & Adjust

 When planning a one-way or round-trip plane journey, you may end up spending a considerable amount of time trying to obtain the best ticket fares possible. The same principle should be applied to your accommodation, especially if you’re on a road trip, as it can be the most significant factor that differentiates your travel expenses. Of course, rooms during weekdays are available at a lower price, and exclusive deals and discounts may be available for specific dates or occasions, such as the length of your stay. These are factors you must take into serious consideration and adjust your trip accordingly.

3. Package Deal

Let’s examine a specific example to make things easier to understand. If you’re planning a road trip around Scotland to explore its wonderful nature, you will need to look for a car parking service in addition to your accommodation. Most hotels offer airport parking deals on bookfhr.com. Take advantage of your layover to admire some outstanding architecture, visit the viewpoint of Calton Hill, and explore Edinburgh Castle.

4. Reward Yourself

International airport hotel chains reward their frequent clients through loyalty programs, personal discounts, and treats. Make sure you enrol in them. Additionally, don’t neglect to check if your bank has any collaborations with airport hotels, which can add extra points if you book with a relative credit card.

5. Search for Alternative Options 

On-site airport hotels consist of a budget option suitable for several different circumstances, but is it necessary to limit yourself to this category? There are other accommodation options that may exist just a few kilometres away. If distance is not a big deal for you, since you have your own vehicle or you are just searching for a cheap layover and the place is reachable by public transportation, an alternative option could be what you’ve been looking for

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