3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Travels

Travel is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your free time, but there are things you can do to make the most of the experience – and even prolong it.

There are numerous benefits to travel, so finding ways to maximise your travel opportunities will not only help you to feel more relaxed, but it can broaden your understanding of the world around you, thus making you a more well-rounded person.

And, when you travel to places with a reliable internet connection, you can benefit from a range of activities that will let your adventures last longer. If you’re looking forward to a life of travel, then here are just three tips to enhance and extend your trip.

1) Earn on the Go

There are a wide range of careers that can be undertaken remotely, either in a full-time capacity or as a freelancer.

If you’re in a career that lets you work from home during the pandemic, then why not speak to your boss about taking your role on the road. If you can make your important meetings and meet your deadlines, then combining your career with your travel could be the leap you’ve been looking for.

Of course, not every employer will be open to this sort of freedom, but there are many careers that can be done on a freelance basis. Sites such as Upwork are a great way for you to connect with prospective clients and find work. It can take a little time to make a name for yourself as a trusted freelancer, however freelancing often offers you the freedom to travel that you may not get with full-time employment and AirBnB and short-term rentals offer more stable bases along the way.

2) Take Your Study with You

Many of us choose to take a gap year before we start university, seeing it as our last chance to see the world before we dedicate all our time to education, and then of course, enter the rat race.

However, the traditional campus setting isn’t the only opportunity for a university education, and it is also the most restrictive.

With distance learning providers, such as Anglia Ruskin University, you can take your education with you. This means that you no longer need to make the choice between travel and study, similar to what I did.

The flexibility of distance learning means that you can study anywhere in the world – provided you have an internet connection – on a schedule that suits your own individual needs.

Just make sure you keep on top of time zones, you want to make sure that your assignments are submitted before the deadline!

3) Blog Your Travel

Finally, travel blogging is an incredible way to make the most out of your travel experience.

Not only will it create a space for you to preserve your memories, but you may find that it pushes you out of your comfort zone, encouraging you to try things that you never would have considered otherwise.

Plus, with a little dedication and a lot of determination, you could even grow your travel blog into a lucrative side hustle!

Share your tips for making the most of your travels in the comments below!

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