3 Northern Cities That Are Perfect for Your Business

The north of England is an increasingly popular location for business owners looking to set up shop.

From the range of qualified professions to the lower living costs, the north is a great place for you to find expert employees and hit the ground running with your small businesses.

Managing your own business can be a challenge, and with as many as 20% of businesses failing in their first year, it’s important to start making good decisions from day one. Don’t let this stat put you off however, with a little dedication and determination, a solid business plan, and a stable support network, you’ll be able to send your company soaring to success.

Plus, with sustainability the current word on many a consumer’s lips, support for small, local businesses is better than ever. Increasingly, customers are looking to businesses who care about the local community.

So, if you’re preparing to launch your own business, here are just three northern cities that could be perfect for you. 

1. Manchester

Perhaps one of the most popular cities in the north for business, Manchester has already seen incredible investment from well-known institutions such as BBC Television choosing to make the city their new home.

Aside from being incredibly accessible to the rest of the country through National Rail links, and the rest of the world via its international airport, Manchester also boasts an excellent transport system around the city itself.

From the free city bus, the far-reaching Metrolink, and the new fixed bus fares in the Greater Manchester area, navigation around the city is better than it has ever been, making commuting for your business needs easy.


2. Leeds

Leeds is becoming an increasingly popular city to live and work, and with so many universities and the pride the city places on education, you’ll have no trouble staffing your company with skilled employees that have fallen so in love with the location that they want to stick around.

The city is home to a wide selection of businesses that will provide excellent networking opportunities and services that your company will benefit from in your search for success. For example, Maratopia is an SEO agency providing SEO services in Leeds, and they can help you pave the way to success through keywords rankings and compelling content.

The friendly nature of this northern city makes it the ideal place to start your new life and turn your small businesses into a respected brand.


3. Newcastle

The most northern point on this list is Newcastle, and its location not only makes it great access point for the rest of England, but its proximity to Scotland maximises your chances for growth.

With the city’s economic growth on the rise, setting up a business in Newcastle can situate you among a hive of entrepreneurship.

Newcastle City Council are passionate about encouraging growth, and have put together this handy guide to help budding business owners receive the support they need to succeed.

Have you set up a business in the north? Tell us what city you chose and why in the comments below!


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