10 Tips to keep in mind before booking your Sailing Getaway

Are you planning a sailing getaway? Well, nothing could be better than this! After all, it is hard to beat the experience of sailing away into the blues of the endless sea.  It feels simply amazing to soak the sunshine aboard or relax by the shoreline whenever you want or dive into the waters to explore the marine life.

 If this is your first ever cruise or a sailing getaway, well, you need to do the right thing so as to enjoy that perfect experiences. Your first concern should be of deciding on the location and choosing the best yacht charter company. Because of the growing popularity of cruises and sailing, a large number of yacht charter companions have come up. One should always go for one with ample experience and a good reputation.

 While it can be exciting to think of a sailing getaway or a cruise vacation, it can be challenging to plan the vacation. Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind, especially if you are still new to cruises and sailing getaways.

  1. Book directly through a reliable charter company
    It is always better to book directly with the company as when you deal with them; you get firsthand information regarding any changes or discount offers. In case of any cancellation, you can count on them to make a 100% refund. While one can book through an agent, it is essential to check their credibility before making a booking. Anyways, it is best to book your cruise directly with the company.

  2. Browse through the popular cruises
    Before booking the cruise, you need to be sure as to where you want to go. Some of the most popular sailing getaways cover the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Alaska.  Hence, you would find a large number of sailing options with companies that cater to these regions. Just check on the details about the cruise you are interested in and their attractions before you make any booking. Here is an idea of various cruise options.

  3. When to embark
    Now that you know where you want to go, it is time to decide as to when you should go. After all, timing is everything when it comes to enjoying that perfect sailing vacation. If you are interested in Caribbean cruises, the best time to go is from November through April. Baltic seas ports are most visited during the May and September months. Europe can be cruised best during the summers when it is at its very best because of the warm sunshine and glorious flowers. Rhine or Danube are avoided during winters because of the cold.

  4. Book your activities before you board
    As there are numerous activities and exciting things to enjoy onboard, one should always make the booking beforehand. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and pick from the various shore excursions and other options of incredible entertainment available on every ship. Thus, you should guarantee your spot before you get on board and take advantage of just about anything the ship has to offer.

  5. Check out the visa requirement
    Enshrine that you have all the required documents and the visa of the country you are visiting. For example, a Schengen Visa is a must for the European cruises and t as the visa can take a couple of weeks to get processed, you ended to start the process in time. Your travel document should carry all the information regarding your cruise details, airline tickets, and hotel reservations.

6. Book during the offseason to make use of cheaper fares
Remember that a cruise vacation doesn’t come cheap, and there is always an offseason with most yacht charter companies. So, one can keep an eye on the offseason offers and book accordingly. Keep in mind that the best tours are often sold off early and there is no point waiting for any last minute deals with them.

7. The size of the ship
When it comes to sailing or cruising, it is seen that bigger is always better and more comfortable. It is not possible for the smaller sized ships to squeeze in all the services and amenities. However, as the needs and wants of each traveller are different, one has to decide as to what is essential to them before they book with a cruise line. Travelling smaller ships has their own advantages as you get to interact freely with a smaller group.

8. Have a checklist for packing
List down everything that you would need to make sure that you don’t forget anything. After all, nothing can be more dismaying than realizing once you are onboard that you forgot something important. Some essential include your passport, charger, quick drying clothes, a Wrinkle release spray, right footwear, binoculars, etc. Prepare a checklist and ensure that everything is packed before you leave and most equipment can be bought online.

9. Book a family-friendly stateroom
A family-friendly room can indeed make a massive difference to your cruising vacation and is a significant convenience when on a cruise. After all, there is a vast range of facilities and amenities that come with these rooms and suit the needs of every family. There are extra room and sleeping options like sofas or cribs for the toddlers. One can ask for sepal room services and other specialized services required by the family.

10. Study the demographics
It is a good idea to know whom you are sailing with and how you intend to spend the time. This is how you will know if the cruise line best fits your needs and thus it is essential to understand the demographics when choosing the yacht charter company. For example, some cruises are geared towards families looking for Disney fun with their children while others may be catering to seniors looking or calm and relaxed holiday experience. Some like to travel in smaller groups so that the staff can focus on their needs. Research the cruise and spend some extra time on the demographics.

What to expect on your sailing vacation
When you board your cruise liner, you can instantly feel the excitement sink in! Well, you are now on to an extraordinary journey of your life and can enjoy all the facilities being offered.  If you have paid an ‘all-inclusive’ fare, it means you can enjoy almost all of the facilities like breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks. There are a lot of activities that one can enjoy like the swimming pools, indoor games, library and more. During the evening, there is entertainment for hours that can keep you engaged and engrossed. Enjoy those amazing stage performances and live shows that can be enjoyed by both adults and the young ones!

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