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Live Less Ordinary is a Bangkok based lifestyle and travel website popular with expats in the region and covers lifestyle in Bangkok and travel throughout Asia. First established in September 2012, Live Less Ordinary is growing fast and in the first years it claimed a number of awards and recognition globally including Wanderlust Travel Blog of the Year (2013). The style of blogging is focused on honest accounts of travel experiences in Asia with focus on local immersion, photography and food. We generally avoid the mass tourist markets in favour of boutique and niche interests. Writing is said to be “travel without the sugar coating”, “inspiration without the nausea” and it brings “enthusiasm, as well as depth of information”. The two main authors are Allan and Fanfan Wilson who both follow their own niches. Fanfan’s past studies include a degree in interior design (Applied Arts) and now studying a degree in law. Allan’s past studies include a degree in Business Administration (BA Hons), a diploma in Financial Management (ACCA) and a diploma in Tourism Marketing (CIM). At Live Less Ordinary they bring together their joint interests, learnings, and passions to create Live Less Ordinary, now one of the leading travel blogs in Asia. Our current traffic is 45,000 plus page views per month (1,500+ daily page views). These figures are for Nov’ 2014 and they will continue to grow. For contact we are found  at alv@hotmail.co.uk. 

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Live Less Ordinary (Our Audience)

English speakers in Thailand are the bulk of our audience (shown below) with both travellers and expats. These are followed by major English speaking countries of the USA (2nd) and the UK (4th) and Australia (6th). Also in the top ten are many of the prominent ASEAN countries including Singapore (3rd) and Malaysia (5th). Our influence in Bangkok is best shown in our recognition as one of ‘Bangkok Best Blogs’ by Bangkok.com, and through Internations.com where we are a “Recommended Expat Blog”. In Thailand we also guest blog for ‘Cat & Nat’ an online contemporary, lifestyle magazine. In the wider region we were listed in the Top 5 Foodie Blogs by AsiaRooms.com (2013).

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Popular Reading and Clicks Through

Many of the most popular posts on Live Less Ordinary are in Bangkok Lifestyle and for onward travel from Bangkok. Travel in other Asian countries are also popular through our Thai VISA Run section which are used by local expats and travellers. Our ability to create meaningful traffic is shown (below) through Agoda.com where we average 33 plus daily clicks for hotel bookings. We also average 5 daily clicks for Acuterealty.com with expats looking to buy or lease property in Thailand. Food and travel resources in the region are also popular.

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Search Engine Optimization (Long Term Traffic)

As a new blog we have put more focus on long-term traffic than short term social media and monetization. While we do have a significant following through online social media (outlined below) we have also been reluctant to push our brand as we first wanted to establish a valuable website. We have now achieved this through on-page SEO and through content which is valuable to both audience and search engines. Our success in SEO is shown with almost 95% of our traffic coming from Google and search engines.

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Social Media (Short Term Traffic)

We have created followings on most significant social media platforms and will be working to build these significantly over the coming months. We aim to create meaningful engagement with our followers. Here are our social media stats in order of preference and interaction:

  • Instagram (1,200+)
  • Facebook (11,000+) mostly in Bangkok, Thailand and Asia. 
  • Twitter (7,700+) has a global following. 
  • Pinterest (350+) also both with a global following.

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Work With Us?

We like to promote new experiences in both Bangkok and Asia. When we travel we travel independently and share our experiences with our audience. Following Fanfan’s passion for interior designer we often stay at boutique and design hotels but are happy to write about any hotel experience which is unique and authentic (example here). When we travel we follow our passions in street food and food tourism. For promotion or advertising enquiries message alv@hotmail.co.uk.

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